Why Do We Choose The Books We Do?


Three weeks ago was our Brainerd Library sale.  Normally I post much quicker on my treasures, but it was a busy time and honestly, I had not even opened the bags until I went to take these pictures today.  Prior to opening the bags – I could not have named more than 5 of the books I had in them.  I knew I had some old Nancy Drew, but that was about it.  Opening them reminded me all over again why I chose to bring them home.

I choose books for many reasons.  I choose because of covers and titles.  When I go the library sale I can not resist a lovely eye-catching huge hard cover read for 50 cents ( you will see a few of those here).  I like picking up books that I LOVED for someone else to enjoy.  I look for authors I have enjoyed, and I pick up books that I have listened to on audio and really enjoyed, like Joshilyn Jackson’s A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty and HIllary Mantell’s Wolf Hall. 


I look for books I have really wanted to read like The Year Of Living Biblically and Mansfield Park.


Or I have been told that they are AMAZING like Blind Your Ponies .

And all together they compile the books that were in the bags. 😀


How do you choose the books you read? 

22 thoughts on “Why Do We Choose The Books We Do?

  1. You have some good ones there….I love Jacquelyn Mitchard, Joshilyn Jackson, and Lorna Landvik, to name a few. And, of course, Adriana Trigiani. Love the Stone Gap & Cherry Holler books.


  2. I choose my books by their ratings and popularity. I look at the reviews and what others are saying about it .

    Also If I love the series i.e: like Karen Marie Monings Fever series It’s the only way I can guarantee that I’ll enjoy a book really.

    I also choose a book if I am familiar with the Author i.e: A Stephen King novel is great to read around Halloween.

    These are a few reasons why I choose the books I read.

  3. I’m drawn to books by covers and titles and of course want to read all the books by my favorite authors. I also select books because of reviews I’ve read. The books at our library sale are a lot more expensive than that.

  4. The titles of books are the first thing I get drawn to if I haven’t heard of the author; maybe, even if I have. This is all if I am at a bookstore or looking for e-books. On goodreads.com, that’s where I really look at the ratings, after appearances.

    Happy Reading!


  5. I choose books for all kinds of reasons – I think it is easier for me to say yes to a book than it is to say no (especially when the book is $1 or less). I usually focus on books I’ve heard good things about, but I’ve also been known to pick up a book because its title or cover was intriguing. I won’t buy a book solely for a pretty cover though – I have to like the synopsis and first few pages before I’ll actually take it home.

  6. I’m drawn by titles and familiarity of authors. I also will pick it up if I’ve seen it reviewed well on someone’s blog, Goodreads or Amazon. It’s kind of funny that I see two of the books I donated in your stacks!

  7. Hmm some books I choose bc of pretty covers, popularity, bc I think reading them will make me look smart etc. SO MANY REASONS!

  8. There are several routes that lead me to a purchase:

    If I’m trying to catch up on what’s being published, in picture books I pick up every book that’s new and read them. On the occasion I fall in love with a book and have money I can spend (and often when I don’t!), I buy the book immediately. Sometimes I have to wait 😦

    If I’m simply browsing, regardless of the department, I always look at the books that are “face out” on the shelf because I LOVE covers and titles and they’re quicker to scan/absorb than just spines which you have to turn your head, go much slower to scan and only have the title and the spine itself to go by. I always read the beginning of a book to get a feel of the author’s voice, style of writing and whether or not I am drawn in by the characters and content. If I’m not pulled into a book and held there, I don’t buy it.

    Sometimes, of course, if a book has been highly recommended, whether by someone I know or by a majority of positive reviews (authentic), I will be inclined to want to check it out, so I’ll either order it from the library or find it in a store. Then I do the same thing…read the beginning, and buy accordingly.

    To me, there is little more exhilarating than the whole process and actually purchasing the book! Of course, I have books in every room of my home, most of which I haven’t read yet 😦 But, oh, just having them there gives me such pleasure 🙂

  9. I choose books from what I have heard about either through the various blogs I read or through the podcasts that I listen to. And tend to choose books based on my personal tastes and what I think will appeal to me from what has been talked about.

    Looks like you got some really good ones in there; I think you will enjoy Room.

  10. Covers definitely draw me in, but I normally read the back cover or check Amazon to see if I like the summary.

    If I find I like the premise and plot, it will be coming home with me.

    Our library sale has books by the pound. The first day they are the most expensive and continue down to 50 cents a pound by the last day.

    Have a great day….I always enjoy your posts. They are always so interesting.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My It’s Monday, What Are You Reading

  11. The cover attracts me, reviews influence me and having previously read the author I am more likely to read it. My daughter Kristi of Kritters Ramblings also influences some of my choices.

  12. Hmmm….well, how I choose the books I READ is completely different than how I choose the books I BUY, since I get most of what I read from the library! When I buy books, it’s mostly about owning a book I read from the library and madly loved–or else completing a series or author collection that I madly love (though if I loved half a series, I’ll more likely buy the other books in it, even if I liked them a bit less)–or, if the price is VERY cheap (i.e., library warehouse sale…) I might buy a book I’ve been meaning to read in the hopes that will make me do it. But I rarely buy a book I haven’t already read and loved–cost aside, I don’t have enough storage space!

  13. So many lovely boooooks!

    Whenever I go to a library book sale, I look for a) books I’ve been wanting to read b) books I’ve heard about but haven’t read yet and c) LGBTQ books (I buy to add to my library even if I hadn’t already planned on reading them).

  14. I have checked your blog every day for the last few years and I really enjoy it!! I have often thought I should comment but as I don’t have a blog I haven’t participated only peeked. But today was the ice breaker because in your pictures of “loot” is one of the best books and I buy it all the time and give to friends, friends with teens and I even made my own boys read it- Early Leaving by Judy Goldman . It is a great book and it is based in Charlotte, NC where I reside and Ms. Goldman teaches at a local university. The book touches on so many themes and it really makes people think. I hope you enjoy it and get to read it soon!

    1. Hi, Kathy 🙂 As far as I know, you don’t have to have a blog to participate here! Mine are far from up and running yet, and I’m relatively new to following this blog and quite a few others. I say participate! 😀

  15. Oh my gosh…Shantaram is one of the best books I have EVER read! I hope you enjoy it too! Patty Jane’s House of Curl was a fun one too….

  16. A good title will always reel me in, in addition to a good cover! Great finds as usual up at your book sale…almost worth the trek!

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