Morning Meanderings… What I Did With My Summer


Remember back in school when you would start the new year and the teacher would have you write what you did with your summer?  Just me?  Well… we did that here in Minnesota.  As I sit here this morning annoyingly coffee free (I forgot to pick some up at the store yesterday),I thought it would be fun as I was mostly absent, to share in pictures what I was doing this summer. 

So… here we go:

I spent several weekends on the North Shore at our cabin with friends biking, hiking,watching movies, playing board games and just hanging out together.

On The Fourth of July we son and I along with a couple of his friends learned that one of our restaurants in town used to be considered “haunted”. The lady working there let us go down underneath he restaurant into old tunnels where the “supposed” paranormal activity was once taking place.

I spent time running on the trail

My Book Club the Bookies that their annual Queen event. Congrats to our new Queen Angie!

Ironman bike ride with Amy. 50 miles
My son and I did the “Go Commando” obstacle course in the cities. His first which was a lot of fun.


This was the finish of that course.


1st Ever Brainerd Lakes Jam Concert. FUN!

Library book sale!

We had the House Party for Big Girl Panties on my back deck. A lot of fun!

Two day 150 mile bike ride for Camp Benedict

The Color Run!

After the Color Run 😉

Hanging out on a friends pontoon

I went with my cousin and his wife and kids to the first Vikings pre game this year.

I went into Wisconsin with Rhonda and we completed the Muckruchus for MS – this was my second year doing this muddy obstacle course.
My week at Camp Benedict.

I helped plan and execute Brainerd first ever Wine and Words author event in August. Our goal this first year was 100 people. We had 177. AWESOME time!

Our authors were amazing! Sandra Brannan, William Kent Krueger, Lorna Landvik, Wendy Webb, and Sarah Pekkanen

Labor Day weekend we were at the North Shore again and got to try our hand at Archery!

This is my contribution to Saturday Snapshot hosted my Metro Mommy.  Stop in over there as well and see what others are posting about this weekend 😀

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What I Did With My Summer

  1. No wonder you weren’t here, on the blog! lol

    I love those photos…I’m laughing at the Big Girl Panties…and your archery reminds me of college, when I took an archery class for one of the P.E. requirements. Fun!

    Thanks for sharing…your teacher would be impressed.

  2. Looks like an action-packed summer! My summer was pretty busy, too. I think I need to do a post like this and unleash my summer’s worth of bad iphone pictures on the unsuspecting world! 🙂

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