The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory


Philippa Gregory weaves a fiction tale so fine through factual history that is at times hard to see where one begins and the other ends.  Fantastic reading!  ~Sheila


When Henry’s battle ends with a crown to a kingdom that he is not handed, but instead takes from the battle ground as his own , he know that his only hope is to marry the Princess Elizabeth of York to bind the Tudors and the Yorks after nearly two decades.

Elizabeth is both beautiful and strong-minded and in love with a man who was slain during this war.  Henry in turn shows Elizabeth no love or affection but instead parades her around as his prize possession and handles her roughly and against er will behind closed doors.

Ahhhh…. the lives of the Tudors and the Yorks.

In the hearts of those in England they hope and pray for someone to come along and return the power of the kingdom to the York’s.  When a young man come sup against the kingdom the battle begins as Henry fights to protect his stolen kingdom and Elizabeth watches with interest and fear as this man who claims to be her long-lost brother comes to return the power to York and Elizabeth now has to choose between a man she is coming to love and the boy who could save them all.



Why did I want to read this book?  Ever since The Boleyn Girl I have adores Phillipa Gregory’s writing.  Her writing flows with passion and facts and fills the holes that  time has created giving us “what if” to think about. 


The White Princess was just as fulfilling as I had hoped when I chose to listen tot his one on audio.  Narrator Bianca Amato is a fantastic choice for Gregory’s books as her accent is perfect for the narration and I found myself trying to roll words off my own tongue as she did.

“Whot?”  (What)

I tried a few at work but my rendition is nowhere near perfect as Bianca’s.  Audio book lovers, you will thank me when I tell you try this one in audio. 

Phillipa Gregory is not known as the “Queen Of Royal Fiction” without cause.  Her books are interesting and bring you right to the time of flowing gowns, castles filled with servants and royalty, and a longing to be a part of the court.  Every time I read her books I find myself fully engaged in whatever part of the story she is sharing at that moment.

The White Queen is breath-taking.  We meet Elizabeth in earlier Cousin War books, but this is the storyline where she takes her place as Queen on a throne that is both welcoming and torturous. With her mother by her side, when she is not forced to go elsewhere, Elizabeth tries to be the Queen in every sense of the word, holding her head high and not let others see the pain behind her eyes, behind closed doors, and nowhere to ever escape.

In a reading slump or looking for your next “WOW!”, open up any one of Phillipa Gregory’s books.  You do not have to read The Cousin’s War books in order, each one pops you right there and you will have no problem finding your place in the crowd of Gregory fans.




14 thoughts on “The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory

  1. I love historical fiction but can you believe that I don’t think I’ve ever read a Philippa Gregory book?? And I think audio might just be the way to get me to become a fan.

  2. The only Phillipa Gregory novel I’ve read is The Other Boleyn, which I loved. Have been wanting to start this series.. it’s good to know that I don’t necessarily need to read them in order!

  3. I have wanted to start this series. I am semi-aware of The War of the Roses by reading the book The Stolen Crown which I highly recommend if you like this series. I have grown tired of series. But, I am heavily thinking of giving this a go considering the TV looks really good.

  4. Oooh. I wouldn’t necessarily have picked this one up but it sounds like a great choice for an audio while I’m working! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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