Morning Meanderings… Working On My Groove


Good morning!  I am working on getting back in my blogging groove as I do have things to say, and books to review – I just am juggling a lot now and need to figure out how to do this between all I have going on and that pesky need called sleep 😛

This morning I got up and ran/fast walked 4 miles on the trail.  It still seems like a crazy thought to know that I am going to run a half marathon in October – but no matter how I cross the finish line (crawling, drooling… muttering something about not being able to feel my legs…) I will finish.  Tomorrow I plan to get up even earlier and go for 6 miles – that will be a first ever but I am doing it.  😀

In bookish news – audio is keeping me afloat.  That poor book I keep hauling to the cities, to the cabin, to the chair, to the deck…. it just is not getting opened.  AND it is not the books fault.  DO NOT blame the book.  It is all me…. putzing around on my laptop or eyes too tired to read so I just don’t.  *sigh*

I really really want to read that book. 

In other crazy goodness – we sold our 100th ticket to Wine and Words yesterday afternoon at the Book Event at the library.  HAZAH!!!!  100 tickets was our goal for this first year and I am thrilled to say we have reached it and we are still three weeks out.  If you live in the Brainerd lakes area (or around it) please plan on coming.  It is going to be so much fun!!!

Ok – I am out – work today, maybe a bike ride later if the weather holds out….  oh, and by golly…. I will also be posting a book review.  I know I know… be still your heart. 😀

4 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Working On My Groove

  1. I wish I could be there! And I understand about trying to get back in the groove, once life has taken you out of it, it’s hard to get back in.

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