Morning Meanderings…A Dress Made Out Of A Book and The Bookies Have A New Queen!


Good morning!  I didn’t meant to drop off the face of the blog there! 

Tuesday was our Book Club coronation of the new Queen and I have been so busy this week – home late Tuesday, home late yesterday…. I just didn’t get back here.  Now however, late but here… I can give you a bit of low down on the event…  As always…. we had to prepare speeches of why we should be Queen… I prepped a power point… here are a couple of samples of that:

I had a little flashback to our first meeting in August 2001.. the sign I wrote to start a book club and the first book we read.

Then I ended with some strange power rapper move….

Anyhoo… it was fun…

Brenda’s dress top was made out of BOOK. Yes book. It was awesome!


Above is a little sample…. and below another sample of the night…


in the end…  we had a new Queen

Our new Queen – Angie!!!! (Her speech was reading a story she wrote about bookish fairies – and it was soooooo good! (She should publish it!)

and we are all set for another year…

Who’s the dude? Well that is Sharon’s husband and he has been our annual chef – grilling for us each year!

It was a great night with a great group of girls who I adore.   I love this event.  I wish I could tell you all the fun speeches of singing, stories, speeches, games, audio, and more.  I can’t express how utterly cool I think it is that we all do get into this the way we do – dressing up, planning what we will say….

so wonderful!  😀

Ok work today, maybe a movie later, somewhere in between we are serving the homeless in our community the next few days and with me out of town this weekend I am working to make sure that is all secured into place with volunteers and back up 😀

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…A Dress Made Out Of A Book and The Bookies Have A New Queen!

  1. CONGRATS to the new queen.

    This is such a unique, clever idea.

    Love your speech excerpt and the “book” dress.

    Thanks for sharing your fun.


  2. I love your book club, Sheila! I wish I lived near you. 🙂 So, I have a question. Did you just put up a sign at the library, or where else? I’ve been wanting to do it for forever! I want to do a fun one like yours. Any pointers you can give me would be appreciated. (I was rooting for you in my mind to win queen this year, just so you know 😉 )

  3. I so love your book club, wish I lived close, what fun!! That ‘book’ dress is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing the great pics

  4. I didn’t mean to spend time commenting on blogs this morning (running late!) but HAD to pop in from reading your weekly digest in email to say thank you for posting these fun posts about your very fun-sounding book club! What a great group!

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