Bookies Coronation Day!


SQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEE!  Yes it has been a long time since I have done that and yes….  this post calls for it.  It is Bookies Coronation day and I think a few of us in the book group feel a little like it is prom night.  Seriously – it is so fun to watch out Facebook page fill with such messages as:

I got my dress all picked out!

I finally finished my speech!


I am seriously pumped and I suspect, as it is now later after noon and we meet in less than two hours that everyone id probably much like I am at this point…

  1. Rushing home from work after picking up my salad for tonight
  2. picked up my dress for its “upper adjustment” turns out… I do not have the chest of an 16 year old.  😯
  3. Just loaded the throne and scepter into the car
  4. Can not find my princess crown….
  5. need to shower….
  6. cooking Al’s supper… I will be out late 😀
  7. need to find a book to nominate for next month
  8. really really need to stop procrastinating
  9. need to check speech one more time…
1024x768_bestfit (25)
The throne with all of the past Queens signatures is ready to go home with a new Queen…. who will it be?

You should have seen the sales ladies when Amy and I found our dresses in the cities this weekend (LOVE prom clearance!) As Amy and I both proudly marched into the dressing room with our arms full of six dresses each they asked, “What are the dresses for?”  When we told them book club they looked at us like we were nuts.


Maybe we are.

We each bought two dresses and Amy said that we were good for next year too.  I laughed… who are we kidding, shopping for the dresses is half the fun!

I think what I love the most is that all the girls get into it.  We love to dress up and say our speech of why we should be Queen…  We love hanging out together.  I love my book club.

Well, I had better get moving… shower, make up, hair…. oh my!  😀

Pictures will be up in the morning!


7 thoughts on “Bookies Coronation Day!

  1. Oh my goodness…this sounds like so much fun.

    I am going to forward this to our book club leader, but I know my book club won’t do this. 🙂

    Have a GREAT time.


  2. Omg! Is that a bedside camode you all are using for the “throne”? If so that us such a toot I mean hoot! Haha

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