Morning Meanderings… Rescuing A Dog A Year Later…


Good morning!  It’s a hazy lazy Saturday here, overcast skies, a little drizzly rain.  I was up at 6 a.m. and ran my 4 mile scheduled run this morning before the rain started although I need to learn to train in all-weather conditions 😀 .

Today for Saturday Snapshots I thought we could look at a year with Mater.  Mater is a beagle/basset hound who came into our lives last July after he was abused by his original owner.  He had been fed beer (yes, beer) to the point that he could no longer go to the bathroom… here is Mater at 4 months old when he was rescued:


Mater had to have a surgery that would cost $3500 to fix the damage inside him or he would need to put down.  The original owners could not pay the amount so the wonderful people of Pequot Vet covered the bill from a charity fund they have.  While waiting for his forever home, Mater was put into a foster home where he fell out of the back of a truck and broke his shoulder.  He needed surgery and pins in his shoulder.

This weekend a year ago, my Navy son Brad was home and while over at house for dinner one night he was sharing the story of Mater.  A friend of his worked for Pequot Vet and had Mater with her at a get together.  By the time I heard this dogs story, I was hooked.  I called the vet the next day and they told me they had already interviewed and turned down 10 families for this dog.  They wanted him to have a forever home, they did not want money for him – just the promise of a good home.

I was on the phone for an hour with the vet and left the conversation with giving him references.  Later that day they called back and said Mater was ours.

Mater a few days after he came to live with us. So wiped our from playing that he fell asleep with the bone in his mouth.
Sleeping on me on the deck.
Playing with Sammy
As he got bigger, being loved by Sammy (also a rescue).


Mater this morning.

It has been quite the year.  I am not used to bigger dogs and Mater has knocked over chairs and plants with his tail (think the movie Beethoven).  He has chewed shoes, books 😯 , mail.  But he is loveable and loved.

Tonight we are having friends over to grill so I hopeful that the rain is not an all day thing.  Tomorrow morning my friend Amy and I are off to our annual bike ride in St Joseph Minnesota – The Tour Of Saints. 

Check out other Saturday Snapshots here.  Hope your Saturday is awesome. 😀

32 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Rescuing A Dog A Year Later…

  1. I remembered the story of Mater when you first adopted him, I got teary then, and today I got teary again while reading this post! Love the pics of Mater, he is one happy boy. You are a good woman, Sheila.

  2. you could share that story and all the pictures every week and i would never get tired of hearing it:)

  3. Matter has really grown up! What a fine looking boy he is. It was great that you could rescue him.

    There are so many animals that need homes I wouldn’t feel right ‘buying’ a pet. My bird Charlie is a rescue and she was a handful when I got her… biting me and no social skills… she even tried to eat a book! But she’s getting better.

    1. I agree Leslie, and it is hard to think of all those out there in need of homes that do not have them. It really breaks my heart.

      I had to giggle a bit when I heard the bird tried to eat a book. Why must they go after what we love? 😛

      1. It’s never the day old newspaper or junk mail she chews. It’s usually a recipe, grocery ilst or book I’ve set down on the counter top. I swear she knows the difference!

  4. I love this story! What a wonderful home you have given this dog. That last picture is great – he looks like he has a huge personality 🙂

    1. Thanks Wendy. He does have a big personality – and smart too. He knows to go to his kennel when I go to work and when he is being too active and I tell him to settle down he goes and lays down in a corner…. usually with one eye on me. 😀

  5. I remember your post about Mater when you first got him. That sad face and story about his rough life before you makes me so sad. I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him what a good doggy he is! I have a huge soft spot for animals, especially dogs, and I’m glad Brad told you about Mater and that you decided to take him! He looks so happy today!

  6. I LOVE forever homes! You are earning big sloppy, wet kisses for sure. Thanks for loving ’em and enduring…..
    Happy Saturday!

  7. Hugs to you! This is such a lovely post … so nice to see doggy friends together and one in need of a home finding the perfect place!

  8. Love your post Sheila, you can see how loved Mater is now. Our Bella is a rescue puppy too, she came to us so timid, frightened of her own shadow. What a difference a loving family can make and they are such a blessing to have in your life. I’m now looking into fostering with a rescue group.

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