Morning Meanderings… Best Personal Quote of 2013 and a Haunted 4th!


Happy July 5!  I am hopeful that you all had a wonderful 4th of July, filled with whatever makes it great for you – be it family, food, fireworks, movies, books, bonus day off, or whatever!  😀

I actually had a pretty great one considering I went into it with no plan.  I worked in the morning, roller bladed 6 miles with College Son, we went out for appetizers at a nice local restaurant with a patio area where we discussed books and movies and when Justin (College Son) asked me if I had read the book World War Z, my now infamous response was,

“I have not read that movie”

Ahhhh…. I am patenting that line.  That is kind of priceless.


I then went home and read on the deck and napped a bit too… and later we went out to a local restaurant where Al and I met up with Justin and a couple of his friends and thanks to Four Square ( a new addiction) I found out that this place that I have frequented for years… apparently has a history of a possible haunting.  OOH!  The tip of Four Square said to ask the staff about it and ask to see the basement tunnels.  Ummmm…. ok! 😀  SO we did ask, and we did get to see a bit of the basement which the tunnels have collapsed but we still seen part of it.  (Here is a link to a story that apparently was in our local paper back in 2010)

It may have been cheesy but it was cheesy fun and when we went to the basement it was just Justin, Branden, and I… the other two decided to stay at our  table. 😀

Me… in the basement where the severed head was found…. Ok…LOL, not really, I am in the basement and there was a severed head but it was a mannequin head mixed in with their storage.

Justin coming out of the basement

Today I am trying to do a little catch up.  I am seven weeks out from Wine and Words (EEEP!), I have emails to write, a wine glass sponsor yet to find, an author skype idea yet to implement…. Bookies book club has its annual Queen event on Tuesday and I must go look for a dress… I do however have the idea for my speech ready and kind of excited. 😀 

Basically – it is go time around here.  I hope you are still enjoying the holiday weekend!  I plan to get back to my book this afternoon 😀

12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Best Personal Quote of 2013 and a Haunted 4th!

  1. I love your post and your new line about reading the movie. LOL!!! You always have the most interesting days and posts.

    That restaurant sounds amazing as well.

    ENJOY your weekend, your book, and especially your visit with your son.


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