Morning Meanderings… A Reading Suggestion (or two…) For Your 4th Of July Weekend


Good morning!  Happy 4th of July!  While I am not a big holiday person… I am thrilled to say that College Son will be in town today and he and I are going to do my day 3 half marathon training together (more on that later) and that is enough of a celebration for me. 😀

So what else am I doing today?  Well I am going to work until 1:00 (do not boo hiss me…. I get so much done on days like this!  😀 )  Then hang with College Son then maybe Al and I will go to a movie later.  That is my kind of day!

For many of you (and me) today kicks off the start to the long 4th of July weekend.  Having today, tomorrow, and the weekend at your leisure.  Many of my friends are going to be out on pontoons, grilling, camping, fishing…  and we are having great weather for all of this!  If you are spending time enjoying the rays and kicking back this weekend I have a book recommendation for you:


Beth Hoffman’s new book is amazing.  Teddi Overman has always had an eye for fixing up old furniture and making it beautiful again.  When a lucky connection as a child one day leads her to her dream job, her life is beautified much like the pieces she works on.  

I can not even begin to tell you how much I am loving this book.  Teddi has so much in her that I appreciate about people – she is honest and fair, she has a heart for animals who are injured or abused, she has a heart for people, family, and she is smart and witty too.  I even connect with her on the refinishing old furniture part, more on that in my review.   If I knew her, we would be friends 😀 

I am not done with the book yet, but this is what I am reading this weekend and enjoying every minute of it. Pick up a copy for yourself and be emerged, as I have been, in Teddi’s world.

Secondly – for those looking for a little bit of highly engaging adventure with enough “POW!” to make you think….


Dan Brown’s Inferno is packed with so much thrill… so much chill… that even though I finished it early yesterday while mowing the lawn (in audio friends… do not panic – I was not reading and mowing 😀 ) I am still thinking about it and wondering if it going to warrant me pulling out the spoiler page for this review so we can chat openly about it. 

Dan Brown is an author that I tend to forget how good his writing is and while world espionage, politics, and religious crisis are not my usual go to topics… Dan Brown does it in a way that totally sucks me in.  HIGHLY recommended… you will see my gushing review coming up if not later today than tomorrow for sure. 😀

There you go… reading recommendations for your weekend. 😀  Hope it is a wonderful one!  I have no big plans for tomorrow but Saturday we are having friends over to grill and Sunday I am doing a 50 mile bike ride with my friend Amy.

What are you doing with your weekend?

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Reading Suggestion (or two…) For Your 4th Of July Weekend

  1. Yay! Someone else who isn’t a big holiday person. 🙂 I’m writing today and taking walks. Couldn’t be happier. Enjoy time with your son. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Our nephew is here for the weekend, but we’ll just be hanging out. The store is open today and it’s supposed to rain again. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  3. Happy 4th, Sheila! It’s been raining here like crazy, so we’re just kicking back with books and later we’ll have a little indoor picnic. And speaking of books, I’m really glad you’re enjoying Teddi’s story!

  4. Happy 4th, Sheila. We have a gorgeous day along the western shore of Lake Michigan. Wasn’t Beth’s book wonderful! I’ll pass your thoughts on the new Brown book to my hubby. He was asking me about it the other day.

  5. I enjoyed Beth’s book immensely. Haven’t read Inferno although someday I intend to… I’m one of the few that haven’t read Da Vinci Code yet although I have a few copies of the book.

    The image of you riding a mower while reading a book had me laughing. 🙂 We’re having great weather today too… perfect for sitting out in the yard and grilling some burgers. Just a small gathering at my house this year.

    1. Nice plans for the 4th! Yes… reading and mowing would be funny… something I have not (yet) tried. 😛 Davinchi say on my shelf forever too… and then when I read it I was thrilled – what an amazing writer!

      1. I read the first book, Angels & Demons, and liked it. Then when DaVinci came out and there was all the hype I put it aside and now I’m three books behind in the series!

  6. I am trying to keep cool…and reading a cozy mystery called Roast Mortem. Good so far.

    I, too, ADORED Beth Hoffman’s new book….a great recommendation for the weekend.

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