Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt


Why did I want to read (listen) to this book?  Is this tomorrow sounded like a great “what happened?” style read when three close childhood friends one day come home not knowing what happened to the third…  Police are involved and people are suspiciously but nothing comes of the disappearance.  But the question is – did Lewis and Rose possibly know what did happen to Jimmy?  And if so – why have they waited so long to tell?


Synopsis:  It’s 1956 and Ava Lark is both beautiful and single.  She rents a home for herself and her twelve-year-old son Lewis in the Boston area.  Lewis finds friends within the neighborhood brother and sister Jimmy and Rose and the three become inseparable.

When one day Jimmy goes missing the neighborhood falls apart.  Ava is watched with suspicion as she had a boyfriend Jake at the time who had a record, unknown to Ava…. and Lewis and Rise go their separate ways as they grow older and find it hard to be around one another without Jimmy, but both still carrying the broken pieces of the unknown. 

When years later Rose and Lewis find their way to each other again a decision much be made to tell the truth or to leave well enough alone knowing enough hearts have been broken over this whole ordeal.



The story line behind what makes Is This Tomorrow is captivating.  Of course, I as the reader want to know what happened to this young boy who disappears without a trace.  As the story opens and the setting is put into place you can get the vibe of the book – an almost Jodi Piccoult feel as is unrolls page after page. 

While the story played out and I enjoyed it I never had a strong feel for any of the characters – they all felt a bit vague to me… not three-dimensional.  Due to that lack of feeling for the characters it affected my over all feel of the story.  Basically while I felt bad about Jimmy’s disappearance, I was not emotionally charged by this event.  I hung in there as I really did want to know what happened to Jimmy.

I listened to Is This Tomorrow on audio as Xe Sands is the narrator and that is almost always a win.  Almost always.  One thing that I picked up on was the tone of voice that was given to each of the characters… Ava always sounded weary.  I thought about that a lot during the listening of this book.  It bothered me that she never sounded strong or confident, or even happy… weary was actually a word I thought about while listening to the audio which in hind sight, probably took away from some of my enjoyment of the book.  Lewis as well always sounded weary… and the boyfriend…..  while weary is a perfectly acceptable emotion for the book – I had trouble getting beyond the weary of the entire book…

in the end – when all was said and I done… I too felt weary.


Note – that I am in the minority on this one.  I looked at Amazon and there are gushing reviews.  This may be one that came across better in book format than audio but certainly please check out other opinions on this one.

13 thoughts on “Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

  1. Thanks for the review. I was really debating weather I wanted to read this one or not. I guess I will choose something else. There are too many awesome books out there to read something that sounds just okay.

  2. Nice review.

    I liked this book.

    Maybe hearing the “tired” voice of Ava instead of just reading about her made a difference for you.

    THANKS for your thoughts.

    Silver’s Reviews

  3. Okay, let me rephrase that! Your review is not meh. What I meant to say is that your review like another one I read also says that the book is meh. Okay, I better stop writing now. Can you tell I’m tired!!

  4. Another reason NOT to listen…lol; when reading, you can bring your own “tone” into the story.

    But I’ll be reading it soon, and I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Occasionally Laurel – audio is not the best choice… but that is occasionally 😀 Much like sometimes I find that an audio is way better than the book. 😀 You really need to try audio… 😉

  5. The other day I was thinking about how one simple word can in so many cases capture how I feel about a book. I haven’t read this one but I can understand how weary seems to capture the overall feeling of the book. As you said, the book has a lot of suspicion in it with the disappearance of a child being the pivotal event that drives the rest of the plot.

    The plot does sound intriguing so if this one comes across my desk, I won’t ignore it!

  6. I’m thinking that the premise sounds fascinating. You may be right that it comes across better in written format, because when we read we supply our own voices to the characters – very rarely will we make them “weary”-sounding! This one is still on my list, but I’ll go for a hard copy, not the audio.

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