Morning Meanderings… BEA Day 4: The Home Of A Favorite Author


Good morning!  It is Friday!  That is exciting to me in so many ways!   I was supposed to be heading out this afternoon for the MS 150 but sadly my commitments caused me to have to cancel out.  I do have one work commitment today – and tomorrow I have a funeral to attend and a birthday celebration.  I am bummed about the ride, but as I sit here with a sinus infection coughing and sniffling it is probably for the best.  I do love that ride though and have to figure out a way to make it work along with New York and not becoming over committed/ booked.

Today I will talk about the 2nd official day of the expo in New York:


BEA Day 4:

Last Friday, Cindy (roomy) and I woke up early to get ready to go to breakfast at Adriana Trigiani’s home.  Yes, you read that right.  We were going to her home in Greenwich Village for breakfast at 7:30 am.  We walked down the block to another hotel to meet up with Candice and Jill, and the 4 of us took the subway.  Note:  I never take the Subway in New York, I do not know my way around well enough but when others know their way around I am happy to follow their lead. 😀

We arrived a little early so we sat in a beautiful park in the area.

1024x768_bestfit (51)

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Far end of the bench: Candice, Cindy, and then Jill closest to this end.


When it was time to go to Adriana’s we joined about 12 other blogger/reviewers at her home.  Adriana was gracious as always.  She had out lovely china for us to use saying, “What’s the point of having china you do not use, only to die and people saying, well she had a lovely set of china.”


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1024x768_bestfit (57)

Adrianna is someone I could listen to for hours.  For people who have not read her books I say if you listened to her speak, so passionately and witty, you would find yourself wanting to read everything this woman has written.  She is an amazing story-teller.  What a gift!

About 9:30 am Cindy and I grabbed a taxi back to the Javits.  After walking around for about a half hour I wondered over to the autograph area to see who was signing.  As I was reading the names I seen one said, “Adriana Trigiani signing 10 – 11 am”.  I thought, that can not be right, when I left at 9:30 she still had a good 15 people in her home and she was completely relaxed and chatting away – but sure enough, unless Adriana has a twin, there she was with a long line leading up to her to have books signed.



Friday as you can imagine I was quite wiped out.  Before I had gone back to the Javits that morning I had stopped at a little store and picked up an iced coffee and this bag of some sort of grainy chips.  After I got the Javits I stared at this bag of chips and thought, seriously, I am not carrying these around.  So I put them in my shipping box to keep. 😀  Later, actually not that much later as I was wiped out – I was in the shipping area, people watching and eating those chips.  My Facebook and twitter status was something like this:

Is it wrong that I am so tired that I am hanging out in shipping, people watching and eating grain chips?

Janis Ian Bill Bryson Louise Penny Brandon Sanderson

I did leave the Javitz for a while to go relax at our hotel room and catch a break.  At  4 pm that afternoon I had a ticket to the narrators tea, but I also had an rsvp in to go with a group of bloggers to have cocktails with Dorothy Benton Frank.  I tried (and failed) to do both.  Since Dorothy’s event went from 3:15 – 6 pm, I thought I could do the first half of the authors tea, leave there by 4:30, catch a taxi and catch up with the rest by 5:00, hang out until 5:45 or so and then catch up with Cindy at the Random House Canada get together. 

Yeah… that didn’t work.  At 4:30 when I left to catch the taxi I started by the Javits and could not catch a cab.  I moved around to other blocks eventually winding up by my hotel.  I tried until I was hot and tired at 5:30 and then I called the wonderful ladies who had sat this gathering up apologizing for my lack or appearance and then caught up with Cindy to go to her invite.  Sadly, I could not do it all. 😦

Cindy and I were at the Random House get together for a little over an hour.  They had lovely horduerves and she and I were able just to relax and talk and that was nice as we were both tired out.  We ended out evening by going over to Chipolte which Cindy had never had before and I told her it was a must!

That was out Friday.  Back in the hotel we were asleep in no time. 😀


Today, this morning I am going garage sailing.  YAY!!!  Then I have a meeting, and this afternoon a friend of mine and her daughter our coming over to help me open up my BEA boxes.  (You may remember Camryn, she wrote YA reviews for me last summer 😀 )Then I will spend my later afternoon organizing the books.  All of which, as us book lovers know – is so much fun. 😀 


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18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… BEA Day 4: The Home Of A Favorite Author

  1. I don’t like that little glimpse of me in that one photo – I’ve been trying to work on my posture and it’s obvious I forgot that morning. I loved being at Adriana’s house!! We missed you at the Dottie Frank party!

  2. Oh, I am green with envy that you got to visit Adriana in her home! And what lovely photos, too. I totally agree with her attitude about her china…which reminds me that I need to use mine more!

    I wish I could have been there! Maybe someday?

  3. I am so impressed with Adriana and I will be heading to the library to find her book or books this afternoon. After listening to her speak and being invited to her house how can I not read the books? Perhaps we should have hung out a little longer at Adriana’s perhaps we could have car pooled together LOL

  4. I guess with so much to see and do at BEA it’s hard to do it all. But breakfast at Adrianna’s house! That must have made up for anything you may have missed.

    1. I am not sure how you spell the sailing part but it would be going to garage sales which is people selling things they no longer wish to keep – household goods, games, movies, books, clothing, etc… there really is nothing I need but I like the exploring. Today I found about 7 good movies for $1 a piece. SCORE! 😀 Earlier this year I found a huge set of china in a sugar bowl and tea pot for $20. SCORE again 😀

          1. Usually it’s a number of people selling together, like on a school playing field, or an auction mart car park, at a rugby club etc (either out of the back of their cars, or with actual tables set up) but sometimes they’re indoors e.g. a town hall. It just sort of depends. 🙂

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