Morning Meanderings…. BEA Day 3 – And least favorite book of the expo


Good morning!  It is Thursday and looks like it is going to rain – but is not raining.  Looking at the forecast, it calls for rain, tomorrow no rain, and then this weekend… RAIN.


So, we will talk about better things…

BEA Day 3

Last Thursday was the first day of BEA.  Wednesday was the conference, but the actual expo did not open until Thursday morning and I did things a bit differently this year.  For instance, in past years I have walked to the Javits about 7 am grabbing a coffee along the way at a Mr. Donut.  Then I would people watch (occasionally behind the info booth – but that is another story coming up in a couple of days).  This time, I had bought the author breakfast tickets.  This would be my first time checking these out.  Rumor had it that you would have the authors books waiting for you on your chair when you went in and then each of the authors would talk about their upcoming book.

Chelsea Handler, Master of Ceremonies Ishmael Beah Doris Kearns Goodwin Wally Lamb

This Thursday morning breakfast was as you can see above, Chelsea Handler, Ishmael Beah, Doris Goodwin, and Wally Lamb.  I have read Ishmael and Wally before. 

When we entered, I was hanging out with Jill (Rhapsody in Books) and Candice (Beth Fish Reads), there was Wally’s new book on our chairs, an insert for Ishmaels upcoming book, and a postcard about Chelsea’s.  I was a little disappointed we did not get Ishmael’s full book and Doris’s would have been great too – I probably would not read Chelsea’s, but it was fine – for $27 it still was fun to hear them all talk about their books, Chelsea was funny, Ishmael deep, and Wally really has a quick wit that I enjoyed – playfully poking at Chelsea.

After the breakfast the Expo was in full swing.  By this time I had caught up with Alison (Alison’s Book Marks ) and we walked the floor touching base with publishing houses that we work with, and picking up a few books along the way.  We did this for hours. And eventually made our way over to where the Autograph signing are was.  This is is where there are about 25 lines of authors signing their books.  You can find a line for an author whose book you would like and have it signed. 

I seen one author with no one in their line.  This is not unusual, sometimes when they are at the end of their signing hour everyone has gone through.  I looked at the cover of the book that was being held up and nodded at Alison, “I am going to go and check out this book.”  Alison said she would come as well. 

When we made it to the author, I asked her if it was her first book, “No,” she said, it was her third.  As we made small talk she opened the book cover and asked who she should write it too.  Now – normally I juts have them sign it unless I know the author, but for some reason I held up my badge and said, “make it out to Sheila.”  That is when I noticed, in a small paragraph on the inside page it said,

Short stories and essays of erotica.


Now, if you know me… this is not my genre or choice at all.  But – here I am, about to get my name signed on her book and there was nothing I could do but smile and think, “oh no, Alison is behind me.”  Then Alison has her turn and I wait for her.  Gracious as always, Alison asks the author what her book is about and the author proceeds to tell her.  Alison does not miss a beat, has her book signed (not autographed) and we make our way out of the line.  We are not making eye contact at this point.  Once out of the line, and out of ear shot, I turn to Alison…. “I am so sorry…. I owe you for that one.”  We both laughed….well…. it makes for a funny memory.

As the day went on I did wind up with a box worthy of books and took my books to the US post office where it was must more reasonable to ship books home.  What would have cost $56.00+ at the expo USP, cost me $17.95 at the post office.  I do this every year and my post office boxes always beat and UPS boxes I ship to my door.  Same is true this year, the post office boxes are here.  I hope UPS arrives today.

We had a full evening schedule this day.  Alison and I headed back to our hotels around 3 pm.  I cleaned up, changed and was out the door by 4:20 pm for our 5:00 pm gathering at Simon and Schuster.  I was so excited as my great friend Sarah Pekkanen was going to be there as well as other authors.  It was a lot of fun, the usual blogger friends I hang out with were there and we chatted away for about an hour.

Then… Alison and I grabbed a taxi and went to Workman Publishing’s open house.  We had never been there before but had heard it was crazy busy and amazing.  Yes it was.  We went up the elevator and it was so crowded we could hardly get off the elevator.  Completely insane!

256x256_fit_one_bestfit (30)
Workman Publishing party

I made my way to a safe “non trampling” corner and talked for about 20 minutes with a book store owner from Wisconsin.  He was baffled that us bloggers do what we do without being paid.  I told him the expo was my yearly reward (oh yeah, plus lots of great reading!)  😀

Next stop – Penguin Publishing.  My roomy Cindy was already there having secured one of the only tables available.  Nice!  This was a blast as always!  I was able to catch up with many bloggers, meet a few authors and had an amazing conversation with author Sue Grafton and her husband who gave me her email to talk to her about writing.  (There are moments each year at the expo I have to say…. this is not my life.) 😀

Sue Grafton and I

After the AWESOME (did I mention it was awesome?) Penguin Bash, Alison and I had one more commitment.  We had been invited to the City Of Bones party, in celebration of Cassandra Clare’s book being made into a movie.  It was AWESOME!!!  We went in not knowing what to expect but the venue was one of the best I have been in, in my 4 years of BEA attending.

Beautiful Venue!

Let me just say it was pretty amazing.  We had a great time, and we were able to hang out a bit with Cassandra Clare!

Yup, that is me with Cassandra Clare!

They also had a signature drink, a blood orange jalapeno margarita.  I know, right?  But yes, I had to try it and it was….ok.


There were rumors that John Green was going to make an appearance and that was enough for Alison and I to hang out in that case, although we never seen him.  We left around 10:15 or so, tired but happy.

So that was last Thursday.  Today I work, hope my UPS boxes arrive today (I have a connection at the local UPS so they will call if they see them), I also have a friend’s birthday dinner tonight so life…. is never dull. 😀


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23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. BEA Day 3 – And least favorite book of the expo

  1. Wow…Thursday sure was busy for you. I only got invited to the Simon & Schuster Party. 🙂

    I hope you get your books today.

    It is raining here. Hope you get the sun we had yesterday.


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