While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax


You have to love it when you wish the characters in a book were your friends and when that final page is turned.. you know you will miss them.


Samantha Davis has always and will always be forever grateful to her husband Johnathan who pulled her and her siblings up and out of the way of sure destruction.  Johnathan has such a kind heart and deep pockets and does it really matter that when Samantha married him it wasn’t love but appreciation?  Now, years later, with her two siblings still trying to find ways to keep sucking money out of Johnathan, Samantha is starting to see things a lot more clearly – including her own marriage. 

Claire Walker, author of two books and newly empty nester as her daughter moves on thinks she is ready to write her third book and how easy it will be now with no one in her new apartment to disturb her… but oddly, words have never been harder to put on paper….

Brooke Mackenzie could use a break.  After her plastic surgeon husband moved the two of them and their two children and dog into their new place, he shortly there after took up with a woman who would let him use his skills with a knife.  Brooke had always refused, feeling she should be loved for who she was… not who he could make her.  Now Brooke battles her ex husbands lack of commitment to his children.  Will she ever find happiness and her own self-worth?

So what do these three women of varied backgrounds have in common?  They all live in the historic Atlanta apartment building known as The Alexander… and while they only have seen each other in passing in the hallways… things are about to change.

When Edward Parker, concierge of The Alexander decides to put together a little weekly gathering of the tenants of the building for screenings of the hit show Downton Abbey, Samantha, Claire, and Brooke, all find themselves seated together.  Through refreshments and finger foods, the shows “aha” and laugh out loud moments; these women find out what true friendship can be like..

all while they were watching Downton Abbey.




I admit it.  The title drew me. After having watched the first three seasons of Downton Abbey and LOVING it… finding a book that would keep my Abbey loving heart-moving forward was a plus. 

While We Were Watching Downton Abbey was truly a fun book to read.  I loved the diversity of the three main female characters and I loved seeing the different lives play out chapter by chapter of the women and of Edward as well.  It was easy to follow and unlike many books with multiple lead characters, I felt as though I knew each one, from Samantha’s need to feel like the perfect wife, to Claire’s inability to function with a hovering deadline for her book, to Brooke’s unruly red hair, to Edwards pride in his company and what it stood for.

In the end, I wished I lived in The Alexander and that I too could meet up with Samantha, Claire, and Brooke over cocktails and laughter and of course… Downton Abbey.

A fun, engaging read.


*If you have not watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey, you are going to want to do so before reading this book.  The book does talk a little of the show and some of it could be considered spoilers.

16 thoughts on “While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax

  1. I haven’t seen the show but have wanted to read the book. Thanks to your review I now know to watch the show first!

  2. I just finished listening to this book on audio and my review will be out on Friday. The narrator was awesome and I really enjoyed the story. Like you, it was the title that drew me because I’m a Downton Abbey fan.

  3. That is exactly how I felt about the book! I wanted to join their group too 🙂

    I hope sometime that I will be able to do a Downton Abbey program at my library. I think it would be a lot of fun…

  4. As a huge Downton Abbey fan, I was drawn to this title immediately. Thanks for this review, I think I will put it on the list of books I want to buy (somewhere in the future, that is!)

    Kind regards,

  5. I was eagerly awaiting this review and you, as well as all the other bloggers I have seen review this particular book, have made it clear to me that I must read this book at some point. Thanks 🙂

    My Book Bubble

  6. If you are thinking this is about the series Downton Abbey forget it! This is the story of three women who are drawn together by living in a luxury apartment in Atlanta. Because of the help of the concierge of their building they all get together every Sunday evening to watch season one of the series. Their lives are changed for the good and they live happily ever after I guess. A good summer by the pool read!

    1. It is, and it isnt about the show. You have it right Mrs. Rev that it is about the three women, but as the title says – while they were watching Downton Abbey. There are a couple show spoilers in the book when they talk about the episodes they are watching. It would make a great summer read 😀

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