Morning Meanderings… Game Of Game Of Thrones (hillarious!)

Good morning!  Game of Thrones is one of those book series I want to (I wanna I wanna!!!) try but now 752 books into the series… ok currently 5 of 7 books are released but you get what I mean… with so many books still on t he shelf to read its hard to look at these mammoth size reads and say, “sure… that’s a weekends worth of reading.”  😛

Has it stopped me from purchasing them if I find them at a good price?  No, because someday I hope to read them much like another long-standing huge booked series and of course Gone With The Wind.  (Yes…. I know… I have yet to read Gone With The Wind…. I should be banished to a tropical island with only that book … and possibly a cabana boy…. and maybe an unlimited supply of diet Dr Pepper and Twizzlers…. but that’s it.  No more until it is read!

Ok… I am clearly off point here… Game Of Thrones.  Have you read these books?  If so are they awesome?  If not so you plan too?  Shall we make a pact that we all set aside a time period to read the first book?

Enough rambling… I came across this funny little video about Game Of Thrones and  it’s worth it for you to refill your cup of coffee and/or grab another slice of toast and watch…

Have a super start to your day!

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Game Of Game Of Thrones (hillarious!)

  1. Gone Wirh the Wind is my favorite book of all time, and I have a difficult time committing to favorites! Fortunately, I read the book before seeing the movie, so the storyline was new to me. I rarely read the same book twice, since there are so many I’ve never read and so little time to read them, but I may read GWTW again someday.

  2. I’ve just started the 4th book in the Game Of Thrones Series. It’s a great series-definitely worth finding the time to read. I also love Gone With the Wind although I haven’t read it since high school so it may be time to read it again.

  3. I just started the first Game of Thrones book. My plan is to read 100 pages or so at a time in between my other books. I have too many on my tbr to just read all of G o T straight thru but I really want to read them so this is my plan we’ll see how it goes 🙂

  4. I haven’t read Wuthering Heights (I guess it’s the same- I keep meaning to, but it seems a little daunting). I did read the first 4 of the Game of Thrones books- the first two were really amazing- I def recommend reading them! The rest-meh-struggled through #4, and got 2 chapters into 5 and put it down,

  5. I’m halfway through A Dance of Dragons (number 5) right now and I’m already antsy for book 6. I’m not one for series and I typically despise fantasy, but this is the real deal. Some of the best character development I’ve ever read. Read them.

  6. I haven’t read them either. One huge book is … ummmm… doable. But a series of 7 or 8 feels overwhelming. I use the same excuse for not reading Outlander..

    And about Gone With The Wind… read it! Now! lol It’s only one chunkster and it goes fast. You’ll be glad you did. The “sequel”, Scarlet, is horrible so you can pretend that doesn’t exist.

  7. I am on the 4th book in this series. The first three books were terrific — the third was my favorite. This one (A Feast for Crows) is a let down for me. I’m powering through it so I can finish the series and see how it all turns out. 😉

  8. I am on the third book and I am loving them!!! Although George does seem to kill a lot of people!!! I can’t wait to see how it all ends and who ends up on the iron throne! This definitely a series to read!

  9. Song of fire and ice series of which Game of Thrones is the first book is rich in characters and a must read! The long books were initially daunting to me as well and I don’t normally read this genre, but once you start you cannot put them down. Yes book 4 is more difficult but this is due to the fact that book 5 is really book 4 part 2, it was so large the author has to split them. Thank you for sharing the SNL skit, too funny! What is the capitol of Minnesota lol? Carroll, Library Tech from Canada

  10. The ASOIAF books are amazing! I read them all in about 4 months. You should definitely read them! They flesh the world out so much more than the already amazing show!

  11. Yes, they are awesome. Well, I’ve only read the first one, A Game of Thrones, but it was my favorite read in 2011, if that tells you anything. My mom just finished it and she loved it. She wants to go on to the next book and I haven’t even finished it yet. 😦

  12. I have read the first three, I have been spacing them out as I read other books in between, averaging one in the series a year.

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