Return To Sullivan Island by Dorothy Benton Frank


Dorothy Benton Frank does it again with another southern flavored title that makes you want to pull up a chair and join this family at the dinner table.  ~ Sheila

Beth Hayes, inspiring writer (want to be) is a little annoyed.  She finds that she will be putting her own plans of starting her life outside of college aside to instead house sit the family home.  It seemed like everyone else was moving on with their lives, following their dreams, while she was put on pause. 

Yet, there is something about being on Sullivan Island that sucks you into a slower pace that Beth soon realizes, is not all bad.  And being in the family home brings along many surprises of relatives and quirky personalities as well as the surprise of developer max Mitchell.  Well, Mitchell is not so much of an intrusion as an annoyance as Beth has no plan no time and no interest in him whatsoever….

or so she thinks….




There is something about Dorothy Benton Frank’s books that make you want to settle in somewhere cozy with an extra-large glass of ice tea and let the characters take you along for the ride.  I’ve discovered this in past readings of her books, and I found it again in Return To Sullivan Island.  While I am the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of multi-character reads as I struggle keeping them all separate, I found that this cast of characters was quirky enough each in their own way that I did not struggle with the interchanges.  In fact, I enjoyed them. 

With a little bit of a ghost story mixed in (oops… did I say too much?  😉 ) for good measure, Return To Sullivan Island makes for good sit-on-your-deck or grab-a-chair-and-head-for-the-beach reading.  Just an overall light and enjoyable book.

Thank you to TLC book tours for letting me Return To Sullivan Island

TLC Book Tours

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