Morning Meandering…. Easter, Books, Blog, and Everything Inbetween


I have spent entirely too much time screwing around with the blog look this morning.  I liked the purple background but found it dark… too dark for a girl who is wishing and hoping for Spring…  REAL SPRING….  it is snowing (AGAIN) here this morning and I am pretending not to notice…. 

So…. Happy Easter!  We have no kids home this year – Justin (College son) has to work so will not be making the drive, Brad (Navy son) is soaking up the rays in Florida so not feeling too bad for him, other than I miss them both.  Just Al and I today…. we have church then maybe later we will do a movie or something… I am looking forward to maybe a little reading this afternoon.  I feel like I am in the middle of three audio books and two books and nothing is near completion.  😯

Anyhoo…. because I spent about an hour trying different headers here and going back and forth and honestly still not sure if the header is “the look” I am going for, I must bid you adieu, as now I have sat here with coffee cup and my PJ’s way too long and I need to get moving before I am known as “that late girl”.  😀

Have a lovely day – I will be back this evening with the “Monday, What Are You Reading”  post, but other than that I suspect as it is a holiday, it will be pretty quiet around here. 

I will leave you with this link  to my Easter message to all of you 😀

25 thoughts on “Morning Meandering…. Easter, Books, Blog, and Everything Inbetween

  1. Oh i hate when I try to change one thing, and spend all my precious blog time changing many things and going back and forth etc. Hope you find something you like.
    Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Easter!

    P.S. you won my gently read copy of The Recipe Club. So drop me a line with your address and I’ll get it out to you.

  2. Oh, I like the new header and background! I didn’t want to mention the previous look seemed dark for you…lol. I like it when you capture some of your images, especially when they are coffee and books.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I like the new look but I missed the purple. Or just didn’t notice?
    Thanks for the card and Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Happy Easter! Like you, our home is child free this year so we aren’t doing anything Easterish.. instead we are relaxing, getting projects done. I just blogged about all the baking and my martha moments.

    I hope you enjoyed your day! I’m thrilled that I might have a minute to start blogging more I have a bank of book reviews done and so much Africa stuff to share (the prep).

    I’m rambling… have a great night!

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