Morning Meanderings…The First Run Of 2013


I missed the last two weeks of Saturday Snapshot.  Two weeks ago I was in the cities getting ready for a 7K and last Saturday I was buried in books at the Spring Library sale. 

Today I thought I would share about the 7K. 

When I say really cool words like “7K”, a lot of people will say to me, “I didn’t know you are a runner!”

My response, “I am not.  I am a runner want to be.”

I want to say for the record, I blame the books.  Over the past couple of years I have read some pretty good books on running.  Those that can run… fascinate me.  Their bodies get lean, their heart rates and over all health improve… they talk of a “runners high” and they can go on and on and on for miles… in some of those books, they would run like 100 miles in a day….

they are my heroes.

So… here I am FAR on the other side of the spectrum.  I have running gear.  I do ok on the treadmill… I have not yet mastered running.


SO this is before the 7k (which by the way is 4.34 miles).  It was SUPER cold that morning… I don’t even recall but we were dancing in the freezing air before go time… don’t let the sun in the picture fool you.  On the far left is my cousin’s wife Farrah, my cousin Jarrod, my friends Sheila and Belinda, Belinda’s cousin and wife – April and Ryan, and then me. 


Over 11,000 people were registered for this run… close to 10,000 showed up.  This is as we walked towards the starting gate.


We were not that far back from the start but I heard it took 26 minutes to get everyone across the starting line.  We wore a chip on our tennis shoes that activated from a mat we step on when going across the starting line and then it gives out time when we cross the line at the end.  Kind of cool.


This is my friend Sheila who I ran most of the race with (until her pace kicked my pace – I need to fast walk occasionally at this stage in the game and she can keep a nice steady pace).  At the end the water they had for us was freezing in the glasses!  If you look close you can see that she has the chunk of ice in her mouth. 😀


At the end we were all able to hang out at this Irish Pub which was kind of cool.  SO MANY people there… had to be over 1,000.  Here a few of the group are showing the “pie” medal we all received for doing the run – you can also see the hoodies that April and Ryan are wearing – this was also something each participant received. 


My pie 😀 The first of 4 from the Ortho events this year.

Overall – the run was fun to hang out with friends, but the cold sucked.  I warmed up quickly while running but soon discovered I have training to do before I am going to be any kind of rock star at running.  I finished the 7k at 51 minutes.  I believe the best time in our group was Jarrod at around 35 minutes.  He is training for a triathlon. 


So that’s my Saturday Snapshot for today. Check out more Saturday Snapshots at Alyce’s At Home With Books.    I do not have a lot going on this Easter weekend as Justin (College Son)  has to work so he will not be home and Brad is in Florida in the Navy.  It will just be Al and I and I think tonight we may watch the Hobbit. 😀

50 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…The First Run Of 2013

    1. It was one of those things Kathy that if everyone would have said “too cold, I am not doing it”, I would have been “Yeah… me either.” 😛

      I am not die hard enough to do it alone… but crazy enough to sign up for pretty much anything I know my friends will do with me. 😀

  1. i am right there with you…love the whole idea of a lean body and a runner’s high and the reality is quite different….and i am DONE with cold! enjoy the hobbit..just know you are giving up 3 hours of your life……

  2. Wait – a 4.34 mile race in 51 mins is a VERY good time – it’s under 12:00/mile, and you were walking some? That’s fantastic!

    1. Really? Thanks Amanda. It didnt seem great but I just looked at the stats on line and it placed me 1041 out of 1617 Females in my age bracket, and 4834 out of 7237 Females in all ages brackets. Its a goal I can work on 😀

  3. Good for you for getting out there and doing it! I have given up on running for now. I was training with a friend for a while and I worked up to a 10k, which was super fun….then my training partner and I decided walking was even more fun. Maybe one day I’ll get back into running–I do like the organized runs.

    1. It was fun and I liked seeing how people dressed up – if only it has been warmer… last year at the same time it was 80 degrees during the run. I wasn’t a part of it, but my friends were 😀 I would have liked to have more fun with the costume part but it was all about staying warm!

  4. People who run 100km are special and cannot be used in comparisons.

    Think of running as a bell curve. The vast majority of North Americans cannot (or will not) run 7km this year (or even 1km). If the majority aren’t running 1km, then those who run 7km are ahead of the curve. If you are ahead of the curve, you are a runner.

    1. Ryan you crack me up and I like your thinking… I would however like to look cooler when running if I am going to be considered a runner…. more confident… not all “Oh my gosh… I hope I make it!” 😯

      Hee hee!!!

  5. Great pics! Looks like a fun time.

    I’ve completed three half marathons and I’m STILL not a runner, lol, so I totally get it.

    Keep at it!

  6. I admire you for even trying to run so far. Back in the day I ran 2 miles a day and thought I was really something. Have never been in a race though; I’m a race watcher now. We’ve been to marathons all across the country.

  7. Do you move on your feet, lifting both off the ground at the same time? You’re a runner. You’re also faster than I am as your 7k pace is my 5k pace!

  8. Terrific photos and story about your 7K. I’ve never heard of a 7K, but we have a 4-mile run at Thanksgiving. I’m a runner, and my friends would argue that you are too. Just the fact that you are doing it makes you a runner. I ran the Columbus Marathon 10 years ago. I didn’t set any records, but i finished. Now my running ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’m really strong and fast. Other times I plod along, but I’m a runner either way. Keep it up. Here’s Mine

  9. Wow, it looked cold. Was there a fund-raising purpose to this marathon? Or just something you did because you could. Congratulations on winning the race.

    1. I dont know what they do with the money but they had to make something with all those runners… I think registration was 40.00 and you received the hoodie, the metal and a banana and fruit cup at the end 😀

  10. Congratulations on your first 7K! I’m sure you will do great when you are ready to run the half. Have you picked a run? There are SO many to choose from in MN and it’s a great running community (best I have experienced).

  11. In Runner’s World Magazine the rule of thumb seems to be that if you run a race you are a runner, so you can stop “wanting to be” a runner and let yourself be one! I still have a hard time thinking of myself as a runner too even though I’ve been doing it for over a year and have done a number of races, a few much longer than I ever thought I would! Congrats on your race! My friends and I did a St. pat’s one as well and it was so fun to be festive. I think I used it as my Saturday Snapshot last weekend.

  12. Kudos! My new daughter-in -law has talked most of the family into doing the Indy 500 mini marathon….I’m walking it! Catching up today, thanks for your visit to my blog♥

  13. 7K? That would be huge for me! Congratulations for tackling it!

    After hearing me quietly complain about a friend who likes to do 5Ks with me but who likes to walk the entire length, my husband has invited me to do a 5K with him. “It’ll be fun!” he says. “Lots of elevation changes!” he says. Let me add that he can run a 5K in about 25 minutes. Me? Not so much. Maybe I should stick with my walking buddy… 🙂

  14. Wow, good for you. I used to love to run but as I am nearing 50 feel that other exercises are a bit kinder on my old bones!

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