Is It Just Me or Are Some Book Pitches Getting a Little Crazy?


As book bloggers, book reviewers, book chatters… whatever you want to call us, it seems if you do this any amount of time you will get book pitches.  A book pitch is when an author or publisher or book tour company emails you and gives you the synopsis of the book hoping that you will like what you see and agree to read and review it.

Oh…. if only it were that easy!  I have a separate email for all my book related email due to the fact that at times it can really be overwhelming when you are receiving many pitches in a day and you are trying to pick out what you would like to read and then review. 

Lately, I have seen a new type of book coming through my email and I curious about what you think about these.  What I am referring to is a book that starts out sounding interesting, say the book is about a college graduate, (ok, so far so good) and she is on her way to intern as an assassin under her uncles care (ummm… ok, different but I am still reading)… she is taking with her the household pet, a duck named Killer, and hopefully leaving behind the guy who makes her heart skip a beat, Jamal the tap dancing Eskimo who only speaks in haiku (and… I’m out.)


It is like they start out sounding like they have potential and by the time I am done reading the synopsis my eyes are wide in disbelief and I can not believe how far-fetched the book being pitched has become.  I mean, seriously???  Does this sell?  Is it just me who can’t stretch that far?  I mean, I don’t know maybe I am missing out, these are not all  coming from self published authors either but Publishing houses.

I wouldn’t even bring this up if it was a one time email but I have had a few of these recently… good start to the book synopsis and then it is like they went all Jerry Springer on me and I am wondering if there is a “baby daddy” involved and looking over my shoulder for tattooed tutu wearing midget’s playing banjo’s.

My point here…. is it me?  Are you receiving these as well? 

Thoughts?  Please share.  😛

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  1. I am not receiving them yet, but I just started blogging this past June, so I am not getting any crazy pitches. BUT what bugs me – is filling out a form explaining which genre I enjoy, then they send me everything, but what I like to read! Why bother with the form??? Have you had that happen to you?

  2. It is not just you…I’ve had run-ins with many of these as well. I end up reading the blurb, thinking, okay, sounds good, wait, WHAT?? Lol

  3. I don’t review on my blog, so I don’t get pitches…so I found this hilarious. At first. Then, a little sad. There seems to be a premise behind such a pitch that simple good writing isn’t enough anymore, that books have to be “all Jerry Springer” to get any attention.

  4. LOL, I’m a small new blog and don’t receive a huge amount of pitches yet but I’ll have to definitely start reading them more thoroughly because that is hilarious. I tend to hit delete when the book isn’t in my genre (and most of the pitches aren’t which makes me sad).

    • Yes, read the synopsis.. the examples I gave are not actual books I have been pitched (although they are pretty much the basics of what has been happening) because I do not mean to be hurtful to those who have pitched such books, I am just saying they are not for me. 😀

  5. I am not receiving them but that is probably because of the genre that I read. But WOW…. I don’t know if I should laugh or not.

  6. Maybe it’s bookish spam?

  7. I do get some pitches that tell me that neither the publicist or author have read my review policy, which is on each of my blogs….as I clearly state the genres I prefer.

    But I don’t mind even whacky pitches, since I can say “no.” What I don’t like is when the book that I’d never want to read just shows up in my mailbox!

    I had one “offender” for those books, and sent a polite e-mail asking that they not send books without asking me first.

    So far so good….

  8. I’m a reader only. How about an author who inundates you with emails when they have a new book coming out/just released? I mean 2-3/day – day after day? Begging you to buy, to like on Amazon, to post on blogs and FB,etc. Right now I have several authors that I would NOT buy or read even if given a free book.

  9. LOL!! Oh my word, that made me laugh! Yup, I’ve gotten some wacky pitches 😉

  10. You are better than me… I hardly ever look at them. I have my go-to contacts, if it’s not from one of them… chances are I’m not reading it for a month. I also read such a small about that I have to be VERY selective.

    Eskimo’s only speak in Haiku… didn’t you know that? HA… so with you on this decision!

  11. You are definitely not the only one. If the pitch is not from a publicist or author I know and respect, I don’t even bother to read the entire synopsis because I know I am not going to accept it anyway. Still, the stories seem to be getting worse, don’t they?

  12. I have seen a few odd pitches. And I definitely need to set up a separate email because my review requests are increasing and increasingly lost among all the other email. 😦

  13. lol I’m glad I haven’t gotten that pitch because I’d be tempted to request the book just out of morbid curiosity. 🙂

  14. I’m wondering, are these mainly self-published books? What publisher would ever publish a book like that?

    I haven’t had any pitches like that, I think. Or if I did, I forgot 🙂

  15. Now that you mention it, I have had some odd story lines pitched, but none from major publishing houses that I can remember.

  16. I’ve received some odd ones, but nothing that got worse as you carry on. It does sound like books I’ve read about, though.

  17. I studied writing in college, and we had a Harlequin writer come in and talk to us one day. I can’t remember the plot she pitched, but it was cray-cray. We all thought she was joking. She said no, that book published last year. It was to encourage us to just write, because ANYTHING can be published. And I guess it’s true. Haha! I suppose a good writer can make anything fly, but….it sometimes seems doubtful.

  18. Honestly, I don’t even read most of them anymore. If it’s not from a publisher or a publicist I already have a good relationship with, I end up deleting most of them before I read them. I just don’t have the time to go through them all.

    I really love it when it’s obvious that they haven’t even checked out the blog first, otherwise there is no way they would be sending the pitch to me.

  19. I can easily tell those who have read my review policy, which is very specific. If they haven’t I really don’t bother answering. My pitches are not so crazy because of the genre I read. Having the word “clean” as part of my blog title does help, but not always.

  20. My favourite this week is a chef fighting for his position in London’s culinary scene in the 1980s but discovering that his 16th century witchy ancestor can help him beat his rivals. Time-travel, fey, fluffy stuff in er, a machismo ridden kitchen full of testosterone. Ick.

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