February Recap


February to me felt a little quick and not as awesome as my January was.  It seemed between the back to back retreats in the beginning of the month, my new re-dedication to the gym, taking care of college son and his broken foot for a long weekend and handling all household things while Al (hubby) was gone for three weeks… took a toll on my reading.

Still… thankfully to the awesomeness of audio books, I can report something fairly decent:


Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

Peaches for Father Francis by Joanne Harris

Love Is The Cure by Elton John

Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly




The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Conner McNees

A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Devastation On The Delaware by Mary Shafer



The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle by Davis Wroblewski

On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah


That’s my month of reading.  I think March will be better, it already feels like it is. 😀  Maybe it is the sunlight and melting snow that is making me optimistic. 😀

Here is the link to my Where I Have Been Reading Progress page and here is the link to my reading map… both fun ways to track books.  😀


SO how are you doing so far this year?  Are you ahead of last year?  Behind?  Do you feel your reading style has changed over the past year? 

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  1. Looks like you read and listened to a LOT of good books. GREAT JOB!!

    I have read 12 books since the beginning of January. Not sure how that measures up to last year at this time, though.

    Thanks for the recap.

    Silver’s Reviews

  2. You always manage to get in great audio…I wish I could listen to books!

  3. It looks to me like you had a fab month. February always drags for me…you know how it is. February in a wintry state seems to take forever 😉 But I did manage to read a ton of books!

    Here’s to a great March!

    • Nice! I always think I should do better in the winter – my outdoor life slows down quite a bit…. of course, then I do other things I dont normally do from spring – dall, like watch tv series, and lots of movies. : D

  4. Happy March reading!

  5. I read and enjoyed The Lost Summer of LMA a couple of years ago; and Mystic Lake is another favorite from recent years. Enjoy March.

    My January and February are off to a good start.

  6. That’s not a bad month of reading at all! And where would we be without audiobooks?

  7. I’m doing okay, not as good as I would like, but okay. I’ve only read about 6 books. It’s different having a baby in the house. I’m definitely behind compared to last year. My reading style hasn’t quite changed, but I have read more ebooks.

    • Do you listen to any audio Rose? I wonder if that would work for you while rocking baby, etc.. 😀 Audio saves me…. I am listening to audio right now while I respond to comments. 😀

  8. My February reading was slower too. I need to do a recap. I went and got The Sky Is Everywhere on audio!

  9. I can’t even do a monthly recap because I’m reading so slowly! But I love seeing what everyone gets into – which makes me add more to my reading list 🙂 Eat and Run, Jurek – is high on the list now.

  10. I love these recaps from everyone, to see what we are all reading. 🙂

    You know I can’t read half of what you do in a month so I’m always amazed. Good luck with March reading, I hope you sons foot heals quickly.

  11. great month! as for me, I’m ahead looks like. I have fun with the google map for the US challenge, though I have only reviewed 1 book so far for it, and added only 3 pins I think. here is my own Feb recap: http://wordsandpeace.com/2013/03/01/2013-february-wrap-up/

  12. February was a great month for you! I had a decent month too, though I didn’t finish as well as I thought I would. I added a few locations on my map too!

  13. Wow, I’d say 10 books in one month is pretty amazing! I liked your format, with the photos interspersed with the list, so much that I adopted it for my own monthly summaries 🙂 I need to get to my February one this week.

    Hope you have another great reading month in March!

    Book By Book

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