Peaches For Father Francis by Joanne Harris


Vianne Rocher has long separated herself from the French Village where a Chocolate Shop changed her life as well as others who sampled the chocolates she made within that shop.  Then a letter arrives that Vianne has never expected, one that has her returning to that French Village.

When Vianne returns along with her two daughters Anouk and Rosette she finds that many changes have taken place, among them her old friend Father Francis stands accused of a crime. 



I adored Chocolat.  I loved the richness that author Joanne Harris puts into the details and the characters and having a chance to revisit these beloved people was a no brainer for me. Vianne once again carries the story along where Father Francis provides a little comic relief.

While I did not find Peaches For Father Francis as smooth or a read as Chocolat, it was still a nice visit with old friends.

8 thoughts on “Peaches For Father Francis by Joanne Harris

  1. I read this book a couple of weeks ago, and I also really liked it. Chocolat is indeed better, but it was still good fun.
    (I do not think it is necessary to read Chocolat first)

    kind regardsm

  2. I got this from the library but about 70 pages in took it back and got Chocolat to reread. I now have The Girl with No Shadow (aka The Lollipop Shoes) and THEN I will go back to Peaches for Father Francis. I kept trying to remember what had happened in Chocolat and what I missed in the other and thought I’d enjoy this one more by doing it this way.

  3. Having debated on whether or not I want to read this you have made my mind up for me – I’m away to add it to my wish list now.

    Have you read the sequel to Chocolat? The Lollipop Shoes (The Girl With No Shadow as its known in the US) though not as good a read is still enjoyable.

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