Morning Meanderings… Road Trip to pick up the BROKEN son


Good morning!  Grabbing a quick bite to eat this morning and then heading out the door shortly to go pick up College Son who last weekend broke hid foot and is in a cast up to his knee and can not drive. 

You can see the little toe area where the break is…. officially called the fifth metatarsal.

So off to Mankato this morning, a 3 1/2 hour road trip one way so I will be on the road about 8 hours today, back early afternoon.  Justin will stay with me for the weekend and I will take his home Sunday afternoon. 

Of course that translates for me = AUDIO!  I am currently listening to The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott (good!) and Killing Kennedy (really really good!).  I am thinking of Bringing Hunger Games on audio with me or perhaps a Harry Potter one, something that we can listen to together on the way back… 🙂  I also have Gone Girl…. decisions decisions….

How are you spending the start to your weekend?

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