Morning Meanderings… Dang… It is COLD Outside


Good morning from the middle of Minnesota.  Current temp, -22F.  It’s true.  Here is the warning I just pulled off the weather website:

Wind Chill Warning remains in effect until noon CST today.

The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued a Wind Chill Warning, which is in effect until noon CST today.

  • Location: northeastern Minnesota including the locations of Walker, Brainerd, Aitkin and Hinckley.

  • Wind Chill values: expect wind chills of 25 to 40 below zero. Winds this morning will be a bit lighter than yesterday, but morning lows will be colder. The coldest wind chills will occur through about 10 am.

  • Impacts: Frostbite can occur on exposed skin within 5 to 10 minutes in these conditions.

Mmmm hmmm…. sun lover me…. why do I live here?  Oh yeah, because I LOVE spring through fall… and yes, spring is coming. 😀

I was on the North shore this weekend… I know I know… why not go where it is even colder?  And I took a couple pics of my jeep that was going to go in a post on Saturday but I have no internet at the cabin and when I drove into town to use their internet my laptop battery died and well… anyway… no pics.  BUT – here they are now:

Friday afternoon when I arrived in Finland Minnesota. Mmmm hhhhhmmmmm there is a Finland Minnesota.
Saturday morning, when I woke up at 6:30 am in Finland Minnesota.

Anyhoo…. got to use a shovel….

Today I am off work but busy with a couple appointments that I need to get ready for so wanted to pop in and say its cold but I am a Minnesotan therefore chances are I will survive this too.  Later I will be posting my review of Level 2 (do not miss this!) and I though since I am rambling and random this morning, I would leave you with this funny book trailer that was with my Shelf Awareness email this morning:

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Dang… It is COLD Outside

  1. It’s ridiculously cold out here too (Northern Wisconsin) Brrrr! Great day for cuddling up with a book though 🙂 Stay warm!

  2. When you mention a town called Finland, Minnesota, I am reminded that some of my Swedish ancestors lived in Minnesota…many years ago. And I love reading books set there…that’s how I prefer to visit your COLD state…lol

    Love the jeep…I’m a big fan of them, after living in the foothills for a few years.

    1. Swedish ayyy? 😛 I love books about the area too Laurel, especially up towards Grand Marais and the Gunflint. Later this week I am posting on a true crime in Minnesota. (I know.. what is with me and true crime lately? It must be the cold!)

  3. I think its a rare morning where all of Canada and most of the United States is cold outside, relative to what the region is used to. If you think you are cold, Winnipeg (which I think is not far from you) is about -39 F this morning.

  4. I’m in SE Wisconsin along Lake Michigan – it was -8 when I got up this morning but now it’s a balmy 1 degree 😉 windchill is -15. Stay warm, Sheila!! We should be back in the 30s by Sunday.

  5. I got cold just reading about that. I would be hibernating with the bears in that weather. I’m guessing if they aren’t here already, we’ll be getting a lot of snowbirds. They like our deserts.

    How are the dogs liking the cold and snow?

    1. My hubby is heading to Florida in a couple weeks, he does the equipment auctions. I work so will not be able to get away although he is staying three weeks so I may bop in for a long weekend if I can make it all work.
      The dogs do not like it. My little ones dont want to be out at all and Mater (the beagle/basset hound) freezes his feet in a matter of minutes. It is awful.

  6. Brrrrrrr. It got down to zero here in Chicago but now the sun is out and it’s warming up a bit. It could be worse, if we had snow on the ground the sun wouldn’t do much good. I needed my parka just to run out to the mailbox.

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