Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans



Felicia Ward is now in a place that is out of this world.  Literally.  Since her death right before her eighteen birthday things has been a little…


Felicia now lives in a place called Level 2 where she and the others there spend time in “pods” where they access memories from their life day after day after day. 

Then one day someone who Felicia knew on earth breaks into her chamber and this is no memory, this is real!  Julian in life was a dangerous distraction… and now here on Level 2, Felicia has to wonder what his motive is for looking her up.  Julian wants to break her out of her chamber saying there is a war going on and Felicia is a big part of if they succeed or fail.  Though reluctant to trust Julian, he makes her a promise that is she goes with him now, he will make sure she sees Neil again, the one she loved more than anything. 

Felicia follows Julian and learns there is way more to Level 2 than meets the eye and a battle is about to begin… a battle of souls and Felicia is right in the heart of it all.




Level 2 is my favorite type of YA fiction, when you take our world and make it different….  JK Rowling did it in the Harry Potter books, and Lenore Appelhans does it in Level 2.  See, in both of these books/series, the world as we know it still exists… there is just something more that we do not know about it.

Lenore creates a sub world that is both dismal and intriguing, after all, on one hand you have full access to your memories and you program them in your mind just like you would if you watched a DVD that was programmed into your mind, reliving all your favorite moments with all the feelings and all the emotions… on the other hand that is really all you have is your memories.

I enjoyed Level 2.  I like Felicia’s spunk, Julian’s mysterious ways, and Neil’s goodness.  Level 2  itself is a great world character filled with new unthought-of things that fully engaged me and at times, frightened me… (wait until you hear about the lakes of the underworld….)

Level 2 is a wonderful read and in the end it left me feeling there must be more, I hope there is more.

12 thoughts on “Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans

  1. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere…and normally that would turn me off. But it does sound unique, and not like all the other YA books that seem to proliferate in huge numbers.

    I like the idea of a separate level that operates concurrently with the world as we know it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lenore blogs at Presenting Lenore and I met her three years ago at BEA and I think every year since. I think the fact that she is “one of us” gets us excited to see what she wrote – and I think, for good reason! I enjoyed it. 😀

  2. I’m looking forward to finding the book in the shop when I next go so I can read it. The plot sounds brilliant, as does the romance side (I like what I’ve read about that) and that Lenore’s a blogger makes it a must-read.

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