Morning Meanderings…. Fitness and Reading


Good morning all!  😀  I am back to work today and that’s good because I do like my job. 😀  I am on the next couple of days and then I believe I am going to the cabin this Friday for the weekend and I am pretty stoked about that… it’s been since November since I have been there.

Yesterday among other things, I finally put up my fitness challenge that I was working on since early December and then busy times happened.  I am kind of excited about it!  I know there were a dew of you waiting for me to get it posted and I finally have:


Mmmmm hmmmm…. there she is!  😛  The 2013 12K Fitness Challenge is on!  Well, almost on.  It officially starts on February 1, but the sign up is on.  I hope you stop by Team Kickin it and read what it is about.  There is something for all levels… all goals.  If you know anyone who may be interested in joining me on this adventure, please send them my way. 😀

In bookish news, I am about half way through Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans and I am liking it. What an interesting concept!  I hope to get that finished in the next day or two here. 

Hope your mid-week is awesome 😀

12 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. Fitness and Reading

  1. I can’t wait to see your review of Level 2! I really hadn’t been planning on signing up for the fitness challenge, but when I popped over to your page I saw that you had a modified option so I couldn’t resist signing up. It will be good to have some incentive and reminders to hop on that treadmill. 🙂

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