GONE by Randy Wayne White


Hannah Smith comes from a long line of Hannah Smith’s before her.  And Hannah one, two, and three all seemed to be these strong self-sufficient women, who have left Hannah (Hannah four by the way) feeling as thought their shoes might just be too big for her to fill. 

Hannah is a fishing guide and she enjoys this sort of living, but then inherits her Uncles PI agency as well.  When asked by a fishing client to search for his missing niece, Hannah sees a way she can combine her love of the sea with her newly inherited position.  This Hannah thinks, will be a great way to try her hand at this PI stuff.

What Hannah discovers is a sick sociopath who likes to seduce young rich unsure of themselves women, kidnaps them and then after robbing them of their fortunes disposes of them however he pleases.  As Hannah works to hopefully save this latest missing girl, she learns a lot about herself along the way.




GONE was my first book I have read (or in this case listened to) by Randy Wayne White.  In the beginning I had a hard time absorbing all that was going on.  The constant mentions of the Hannah’s who has gone before our current protagonist Hannah four, had me thinking there must have been previous books featuring these Hannah’s… which as I learned, there was not.  This was the first book.

This was a book that felt like the plot had many holes, and relationships were just as holey and I didn’t understand the closeness of characters who had just met – both male and female. 

Eventually I found some rhythm to the book and started to enjoy the story line as long as I didn’t think about it too closely. 


Thank you to Penguin audio for

giving me the opportunity to listen to

and review this book.

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  1. I can understand where not thinking would help. This one fell just short of awful for me. I liked the attempt to create a strong female character but Hannah was a bit too stereotypical. And the dialog… obviously written by man!

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