Gods In Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson


Arlene left Alabama a long time ago and with it, a deeply buried secret.  She had made a deal with God that she had held true to these past ten years….

Then Alabama came knocking on her door in Chicago in the form of a once classmate, Rose May Lolley.  And Rose May is asking questions… questions that Arlene never wanted to have to answer and questions that have her making her way back to all she left in Alabama along with her boyfriend Burr, who has been wanting to meet Arlene’s family for a long time.

Be careful for what you wish for…

Arlene already knows her strong Southern Baptist family is going to have trouble with her African-American boyfriend, but really, Burr is the least of her worries.  Arlene’s long kept secret is starting to come to the surface and she must do everything she can to keep the past in the past, because what happened in Alabama… really needs to stay in Alabama.  Buried deep. 

Last year I listened to Joshilyn Jackson’s book Back Seat Saints on audio and really enjoyed it.  At the time I did not know that this book was actually written and published before Back Seat Saints and involves many of the same characters. 

What was fun about this book was that it took a small character (Arlene) from Back Seat Saints and made her the main protagonist.  It did not seem to make a difference that I listened to them in reverse order.  Some of the story line overlaps within the two books, as Rose May Lolley and Arlene encounter one another in the earlier book, but this is fun and interesting as while Back Seat Saints is told from Rose May’s perspective, Gods In Alabama is told from Arlene’s.  It’s hard to explain but I for one thought it was brilliant and lapped up both reads.

I listened to both on audio and audio book lovers, you are going to LOVE this narration by the author.  The fun Alabama accent with have you feeling like you are right there enjoying the down home craziness right along with them.

Seriously, a joy to read.  I had so much fun with this one and look forward to reading Joshilyn Jackson again. 

17 thoughts on “Gods In Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson

  1. I wonder if it would have helped if I’d read the related books. i thought this one started so strong, but then kind of fell apart. Maybe I’d prefer the audio. I’ll have to give this author another try.

  2. I have only read one book by Joshilyn Jackson (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming), but I requested Gods in Alabama from the library and it is now sitting on my table. So glad to hear about Back Seat Saints having the same characters…now I’ll know which of her books to read next!

    1. Oh I forgot that you mentioned that! I had to go back and see what it was…
      “There are gods in Alabama: Jack Daniel’s, high school quarter-backs, trucks, big tits, and also Jesus…”
      Great line – I believe you said it was all true…. 😛

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