Rolling Into 2013… Heres To A SMOOTH Year!


Good morning and happy New Year!  Of my gosh what a week it has been already as those of you who participate in the Monday What Are You Reading Meme already have noticed… I forgot to put up the post.


I know right?  My weekend was a big one where I worked and I set up for our homeless week and by the time I got done running it was Sunday evening ay 8 pm and seriously, it must have fallen right out on my head.  Unbelievable.  Ugh….. we will be back with that meme next week 😀

But hey, its 2013 right and anything is possible!  I love New Years.  I always look at them like a white board all clean and ready to see what I am going to put on it.  I feel like I needed a white board this year – desperately and now here we are!  😀

Of course I am starting out behind with already missing my end of the year post that I have been working on but still is not finished.  For this morning I can give you these pics I created of my year:





Things I wish for this new year is:  Better time management, a cleaner more efficient blog schedule and blog. 

One thing I miss is I really have not had time to get behind the challenges this year and I have signed up for none.  I would like to add at least one maybe two, so what challenges are you signed up for this year?  I need ideas.  😀

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  1. Love the photo montage!

    I ended up posting my It’s Monday! and then deleting it. I’ll try to post it next week.

    I’ve gone challenge-free this year. I am working a little on Around the World in 80 Books, but just if I wanna.

    • I still cant believe I forgot to post it…. guess that goes to say something about my state of mind these days… 😛 Nice about Challenge free.

  2. I signed up for Roof Beam Reader’s 2013 TBR Pile Challenge, but that doesn’t help me keep up with new books like you seem to do so well! I think everyone will understand forgetting one thing on Monday with how busy you’ve been. Happy New Year!

    • I like a mix of the old and new books…. there are so many that came out in the last few years that I can not neglect 😀 Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year, Sheila. 2013 will find me pulling back quite a bit from accepting review books and instead working at clearing books off my shelves and Kindle. If any of the books I read are Reagan Arthur challenge books I’ll add them to that list. Otherwise, no official challenges – that’s my challenge 😉

    • Happy New Year!!! Nice about the working on the TBR. I have pulled back a bit too but darned if the good ones are still not being offered. 😀

    • I will have to look at your challenge and Candice’s. I have heard of her challenge but have not really checked to see what it is about. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Happy New Year! I love that clean slate feeling of a new year starting, too, but I haven’t had too much time to think about it. I was ahead of the game and was wishing for the new year a few weeks early because that’s when I had the drive to clean up my life. Now I’ve unwittingly adopted a kitten, and most of my energy (not to mention a big part of that “clean slate”) is going to her care and feeding. 😉

    As for challenges, I gave them up long ago seeing as I proved myself a major failure at them repeatedly. That said, I am very seriously considering doing the TBR Double Dog Dare to start getting my book collection in hand!

  5. Love the pix….I couldn’t imagine you forgetting the Monday post….so I thought you must have been stuck somewhere without Internet. Enjoy your New Year!

    • Seriously when you posted asking where it was I just stared at your post thinking, “what do you mean, did you not see it?” 😛 I still cant believe that…. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Happy New Year Sheila! I would love to sign up for some challenges and looking around to see what’s out there. My resolution is to get back into more bookish things this year.
    Natalie :0)

    • I have had a tough time myself from fall to present. I am hoping to get back on track as well. I love my books… I need to spend time with them. 😀

  7. Happy New Year Sheila!!! I am hosted my Just For Fun Challenge and an A-Z Reading Challenge. I think you would enjoy both. I love challenges and have signed up for about 15 of them 🙂 with 2 more I plan t o add this week.

  8. Happy New Year! I reduced my reading challenges from last year 20 to 6! I am participating in New Authors, What’s In A Name 6, Where Are You Reading?, Outdo Myself, Regan Arthur (perpetual) and Game of Thrones.

    • Hmmmm….20 to 6? WOW! How did you do 20? 😛 I am curious about what is “Outdo Myself?” OOH and Game Of Thrones!!!! (see, this is how I get hooked :razz:)

  9. I love your photo collage! How did you create that?

    I’m actually taking a break from reading challenges in 2013. I just need to focus again on my blog and actually reading haha! But there definitely seems to be an abundance of awesome challenges – I have no doubt you’ll find the perfect ones! Happy 2013 Sheila!

  10. Awesome pics! I love the ones of the furbabies.

    Happy New Year!

  11. There are two non challenges challenges that I do every year and that I love. One in spring called Once Upon a Time the other in the fall that is the R.I.P challenge. They are both hosted by . They are so fun.

    Happy New year.

  12. Happy New Year Sheila! I’m dedicating 2013 to books on my TBR shelves, so I’m doing many challenges.

  13. it looks like you had quite the busy year! Hope you had a fantastic New Year! and that the upcoming year is like no other!

  14. Happy New Year, Sheila! I’m so glad I found your blog. May your 2013 be filled with fun moments- in books and in real life!

  15. Happy New Year! I’m only doing a few no-pressure challenges. What’s In A Name is my favorite. I want to leave time free to join read-a-longs, etc throughout the year and not have to worry if a title or book fits a challenge.

  16. Ok, Sheila…I thought I was Crazy! This was my first attempt at linking and it wouldn’t let me. Finally realized I was trying to link to LAST week and that’s why It was closed…Ok, so I’ll try Next Monday! Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year — wishing you lots of 5 star reads!

    I’m not doing any challenges this year … I gave them up last year and it was so freeing!

  18. ha ha – no problem on forgetting the Monday post, Sheila. After reading about your weekly schedule a few days’ earlier, I just figured you got too busy…and it WAS New Year’s Eve, anyway.

    I love the start of a new year, too. Fresh start, clean slate, etc. We just returned from along trip visiting my FIL in Oklahoma, so I am a bit behind also and have not posted my end-of-year wrap-ups either.

    As for challenges, I will post a link to mine here…once I decide what they are! That’s another thing I haven’t had time for yet.

    Happy New year!


  19. No organized challenges for me this year – just finding the time to read can be MY challenge during the school year. I do have two IRL book groups that stretch me and I sure enjoy that. I guess my biggest feat will be if I can pull off my own challenge — to read from my own bookshelves. I love touching these lovelies. My motto…”they’re not just for catching dust anymore…”! Happy New Year!

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