Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie


When up and coming Lawyer on her way to partner, Emma Tupper’s mother passes away, Emma decided to take the trip to Africa that her mother had always dreamed of.  Taking a month long vacation at this point in her career didn’t make for the best timing, but Emma wanted to do this and knew she could bounce right back to where she left off in no time.

In Africa Emma becomes ill and unable to return as planned.  Then the earthquake hits and no planes are coming or going and phone lines are down. 

Six months later, Emma finally makes it home only to find out home is not how she had left it.  When her rent wasn’t paid, the apartment was rented out to someone else.  Her bank account was froze once the news spread that she was missing and presumed dead.  Emma’s boyfriend had moved on to someone else, and it appears while she was making her way up the corporate ladder, someone had kicked the ladder out from under her. 

What do you do when everything you had and knew about yourself is gone? 


I have enjoyed every book that Catherine McKenzie has written.  She comes up with real feeling quirky characters and scenes that are interesting and definably out of the norm.  Take Emma for instance, at one time had it all going her, now borrowing clothes from a male stranger.

Forgotten is a bit of a far fetched story.  This is where for me the story falters a bit.  I had trouble wrapping my mind around everything that had gone wrong and there were several lose ends throughout the book that my mind kept (and still is) picking at.

I really liked the love interest in the book (although he too is somewhat of a loose end) and I especially likes the case that Emma is given to work on in her firm.  As you can see I had some ups and downs with this one, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. 

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  1. I didn’t have any issues with the story; I LOVED it! But that’s how it goes sometimes.

    BTW…what happened to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

    • LOL… oh my…. I totally forgot to post it. 😯 That is really embarrassing. I am reading your comment going “what?” I guess that is a busy schedule! SO sorry about that – we will be back on next week. 😀

  2. I have this book on my book shelf.

  3. No What Are You Reading Monday post today, Sheila? I’ve been missing you all day!

    Happy New Year!


    • Sue… I am a complete (yup – complete idiot). It wa sin my head to do Sunday and then I had to help at church all day and then I set up for the homeless week where we are serving and had to train in people and when I got home… I forgot. I seriously….. forgot. If you hadn’t told me I forgot… not sure I ever would have remembered. Holy smokes! 😀

  4. Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

    Is there not a What Are you Reading Post today? Should I point people somewhere else? Your still the host, right? Hope all is well.

  5. Just dropped in to wish you a happy new year from the other side of the world.

  6. Ashley Montgomery

    Great review. This definitely sounds like an interesting read and I really like the cover.

  7. I like the synopsis of this one and want to read it too.

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