Morning Meanderings… Gone For The Weekend


Good morning and happy weekend!  *doing a little dance with Coffee Cup*!  I am doing a quick check in here as I am leaving for the cabin in about ummmm….. 20 minutes here for the weekend.  My friend Laura and I will be working on some craft projects before Christmas and hopefully a little reading too.  😀

Have an awesome weekend, I am putting up the WHERE Are You Reading Challenge today, I hope you consider signing up – it really is a lot of fun. 

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Gone For The Weekend

  1. Have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait for your review. BTW, starting my first Kate Atkinson today, “Case Histories” thanks to everyone’s recommendations.

  2. shannonjoe

    Have a great weekend!! Guess what? I tried an audiobook again-this time a Mary Higgins Clark mystery. I’m LOVING it! I listened to it in my car on a 1 1/2 hour drive by myself. I could actually FOCUS! Hooray!! Now I’ve got to buy a cassette player(imagine that) so I can continue listening in the house. Otherwise, my husband will wonder why I’m sitting in the car for 2 hours!! Teehee. 🙂


      1. shannonjoe

        This one is on cassette, and I don’t have a cassette player in my house-just in my car. Almost turned it on tonight with hubby in car, but decided that might be a little rude. 🙂 I’ve got to get some kind of cassette player for my house since I keep seeing these at thrift stores (which I love to shop at!!). I just bought my 2nd one today-it’s another Carol/Mary Higgins Clark with I think Carol reading it. Can’t wait to start that one!

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