Morning Meanderings… Audio In Da House Baby!

Good morning!  I am a little wired. (COFFEE!!!!) and a little tired… which in reality is probably stimulating the wired.  Yesterday… two audio books came int o my home and I am so THRILLED!  Mainly because my house was empty of all audio cds that I had not yet listened to.  Sure, the IPOD is still full of good audio – but my kitchen cd player and my car… empty.

Trust me… that is so weird.

Yesterday arrived two audio books I had ordered from Amazons Black Friday sale, one of them was Linger by Maggie Stiefvater.  I had read the books a few years ago and thought the audio might be fun.  When I put it in the cd player yesterday I wondered if it was really wanted I wanted to listen to right now, a YA about wolves…. and then I heard the words that sold me.

The book is set in Minnesota.  I seriously smiled when I remembered that.

“Why is that a big deal Sheila?  Why?  Why?”  (Told you I was wired!)

Well, it is a big deal because I have been working the last couple weeks on updating my WHERE Are You Reading Challenge and I was saddened to see that I had not read anything in my home state of Minnesota this year.

Now – I have fixed that.  Let the wolves rule the woods of Minnesota!  😛

So I can not present to you my updated and current WHERE Are You Reading Challenge.  I will be posting the new 2013 sign up hopefully yet this week as I LOVE this challenge!  You can see here the books I have read and where, and you can see my map here (which is super cool!)

I have to get moving this morning but hope your day is FAB!  If you have been working on the WHERE Are You Reading Challenge with me this past year, I would love to hear how you have done!  (If you have or havent, I would love for you to consider signing up for 2013)  😛

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  1. I like the idea of your Where Are You Reading? Challenge; I guess I already had too many challenges by the time I seriously started thinking about it.

    I read a book set in Minnesota not that long ago…Hmm, trying to think of the title.. I will probably think of it later!

  2. I bet you are tired – I get tired when I read about all that you do.

  3. I loved it when I did participate in the challenge, but had a hard time keeping up with my map. Life is pulling me in many directions. 🙂 If I can get organized enough for next year I may try it again though.

    • I got behind too this year Alyce, I have been catching it up there past couple of week s but I was all the way back at March when I quit updating. It really sucked to catch it up, but it was fun to see where I have read 😀

  4. I did this challenge for fun, knowing I would never complete all fifty states. I’m probably lucky if I made it through half of them. Oh well, there is always next year I guess!

  5. I really enjoyed this book!! Audio is becoming quite an addiction for me right now!

  6. I’ve read in 22 states and 15 countries (besides the US). I have very heavy states, too – and have read a few set in my home state of Washington. I’ve enjoyed keeping track of my reading locations – and will definitely be signing up for 2013! Though I may keep a running total, too, until I cover all 50 states.

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