Sunday Check List


Good morning and Happy Sunday!  How is everyone doing with their turkey comas?  We are good and pretty clean here…. I sent the pumpkin bars (dangerous!) and a lot of turkey home with College son when he left yesterday.  I made turkey soup for dinner last night, Al ate the last of the stuffing…

This morning I am helping out with a volunteer fair and should be back home around 12:30.  I am hoping to get all my 2012 challenges updated so I can start promoting for 2013.  Oddly…. I find that exciting!  😀  I love new beginnings. 



I am still reading The Forgotten Road by Randall Arthur

I am listening to One Second After by William R Forstchen and this is weird – I am listening to nothing in my car or on my kitchen cd player as I am out of audio.  😯  I know…. I need to get to the library or something….

I am planning to work on the Challenges this afternoon and a work out. 

I am hoping to catch up on my posts that need to be written this week.

I am working on something fun for the Team Kickin It blog with Amanda from Reading and Running.

I am looking forward to a gun permit class I signed up for that will be next weekend.



Here are the books that graced my doorstep this week:



I am excited to do some reading in my near future too! 

What are your plans for this Sunday?


7 thoughts on “Sunday Check List

  1. I finished all of my challenges a few weeks ago, primarily because I did not go “hog wild” signing up for 2012, like I’ve done in previous years. I hope to keep to my “less is more” goals for 2013! I already signed up for two, however….

    I love stuffing better than any other part of the turkey feast; I never get enough!

    But yesterday’s lunch with the grandkids and one son was at Marie Callender’s, and I could have had more stuffing…but I had soup.

    Enjoy your day! Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  2. Goals for the day:
    1. TAKE IT EASY!! 🙂
    2. Read, clean, cook, and TAKE IT EASY!

    I have a question for you-What is the best way to keep up with:
    1. Reading challenges
    2. Book Reviews
    3. Books that have been given from netgalley/librarything/goodreads

    Any suggestions? I have GOT to get organized!


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