Morning Meanderings… A Little Addition To The Book Room *SSQQUUEEE!!!*

Good morning all!  😀

I was MIA yesterday – unplanned, but there it is.  Morning was busy – then work, then I helped out with the students last night and then watched Survivor with my hubby.  The day flew by and now here I am and it is already crazy Thursday which = work 8 – 3, Pampered Chef party here at 6 and Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie at 10 pm but get there as soon as I can after the party to get in line…

Then I leave tomorrow morning at 8 am for the Literacy Institute program until Saturday afternoon. 

Ok…. I am going to need extra energy.  😀


I wanted to talk about the book room.

The chairs came Tuesday late morning and they are so AWESOME!!!!   I really feel they complete the book room. I had book club at the house on Tuesday night and the girls really liked the lay out.  After book club ended my friend Amy and I sat and chatted and caught up in the book room… it was put to use right away!

So here is what they look like:

LOVE!  Ok, I need to keep moving, I am hoping to write my book club review yet this morning to because it was AWESOME!!!  (I say that a lot lately.

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  1. I LOVE the chairs – they look awesome and comfy! My book room is tiny but I’m not complaining at least I have one but ooh I am green with envy of yours. 🙂

  2. I bet you end up spending tons of time in that room! It looks fantastic!

  3. I could just see you snuggling on a chair with a good book…

  4. I have never had chairs like that! They look like the kind of chair that you could stay in all day. Or at least all evening. The comfy chair for me was a great big wicker chair that sat by the fireplace (in the foothills, where it got cold). I had it here for awhile, in my bedroom, but it was too big. I gave it away last week.

    Your book club read (The Language of Flowers?) is an awesome one. I think I’m almost ready for a reread. Enjoy your day.

  5. beautiful room!! and the view from that window……just need a pup curled up on the rug

  6. That looks like such a comfortable room! Love it.

    • I have a reading room, too, although most any room in my house is a reading room (not the bathroom). My reading room is formerly a living room, which we didn’t need because we also have a family room. My husband built a huge book case in one big wall. I have an antique mission-style library table. And my father’s friend, a widower, gave me two love seats, which I sit on the long way so I can put my feet up, he didn’t need anymore when he remarried.

  7. I love them. I would need one chair that has a way to put your feet up or a hassock. Then I would be in book heaven!

  8. Your book room (library?) looks great, Sheila. The chairs are so inviting. Enjoy!

  9. So much fun stuff going on for you! I love the look of the chairs – they fit in nicely in your room!

  10. I’ve been following your blog via the RSS feed. When saw the image of your newly delivered chairs, I nearly nudged my husband to say: Oh look the chairs have arrived! Silly. That said, I’m smiling for you. Thanks for your excellent blog. Best wishes!

  11. Gorgeous!! Comfy and serious and bookish. Love it. I want a book room too!

  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! That would be a favorite spot if it were in my house. Enjoy. 🙂

  13. That looks really nice, Sheila. Congrats on the new acquisitions which, for a change, are NOT books. 🙂

  14. boardinginmyforties

    I love the new book room and the chairs are fabu!

  15. Love the chairs… they look comfortable and they are the right color

  16. Looks great, Sheila! Congrats on scoring such great chairs. 🙂

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