Morning Meanderings… Vi-Shape. Hmmm…. Here We Go.


Good morning.  What’s up?  😛

Two, three… (when was it?) years ago when I started the Morning Meanderings there was a little bonus to it that hasn’t been around for a while.  That “bonus” was I would talk about my work outs, what I was doing to keep fit and where I fell short.  It was pretty much a part of the meandering culture…


what happened?

Many things.  Life for one.  And about a year ago when we put our dog down I kind of hit a funk throughout most of last winter.  I lost my desire to work out and keep up the healthy patterns I had once as part of my life.  I didn’t want to do anything.  I was content with just going to work and going home and lying low.  It has been a real struggle to break these poor habits.  Throughout the spring through fall of this year I did a lot of bike rides but hardly any roller blading which I love, and I haven’t been to the gym since June.  😯 

Last week while spending time with both of my sons in Florida and Georgia I had a little wake up call.  College son does these shakes that his roommate got him hooked on, Vi-Shape.  Navy son works out 5 times a week and keeps track of calories using My Fitness pal – which is awesome and easy and free.  It was weird being on vacation with two guys who are both watching what they eat.

HELLO….. It’s called vacation….. 😆

Anyhoo…. I have always believed that each of us know our bodies and what feels like the right weight and what does not for us.  You can still be small built like myself and not feel you are at a healthy weight.  That is where I am at….

and I am ready to fix it. 

I hope.

I mean, I am. 😀

I signed up to do the Vi-Shape (which my son swears by) and my first shipment came in yesterdays UPS delivery.  It’s two shakes a day and a healthy dinner.  I am going to combine that with using My Fitness Pal again because it really is an eye opener as to how many calories you are eating in a day as well as what kind of calories.  I am also going to get my hiney back to the gym.

If you have looked at my friend Reagan’s posts lately at Get Fit 2.0 she can be a real kick in the pants too.  I am so proud of her and she has inspired me big time to get my fitness blog back up and running as well.

My goals:  Back to feeling good and looking good by my birthday in February.


So there you have it…  that’s me – a new beginning that I am excited to jump on.  Tomorrow I will let you know how day one has gone and maybe (maybe…) have a post on Kickin’ It, my neglected work out blog. 

Tonight book club at my house and the review of Language of Flowers.  I think its going to be great!  😀

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  1. Hey Shelia! I have friends in Florida who use the shakes you are starting to us now. Both her and her husband lost weight. Good Luck! You amaze me in how you never seem to run out of adventures no matter where you are. You are inspiring and a great friend. LOVE Ya and I will try to tempt you with chocolate next time we meet. LOL! just joking.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! My problem (at least the major one!) is that I haven’t been to the gym in awhile, either. I used excuses like “it’s too hot,” to keep from walking in the neighborhood. And duh! I have an exercise bike in the bedroom that’s supposed to be handy to use while watching TV. My excuse for not using it? The bedroom TV isn’t as much fun to watch as the big screen in the living room….what a lot of BS…huh?

    Good luck with your new plan.

  3. Good for you to get started again! I should join in… I’m hopeless at the moment! My Fitness Pal sits there waiting for me to come back…

    I never had the shakes, so to speak. I wonder, do they taste OK? Really? Also I wonder if, as people often say, once you stop using them, you start gaining weight again because your eating pattern hasn’t changed. On the other hand, theoretically I know very well how to eat healthy and lower calorie, I just don’t feel like it. So these shakes would be a way to get my weight down. Hmm… Something to ponder over. 🙂

  4. Aww! Thanks girl! 🙂 YOU inspired me to get fit and healthy with all of your meanderings!

  5. Good luck with your fitness reboot. It is so easy to get in a funk and find the motivation to keep going. I should know, I have restarted P90X no less than 3 times now . Something always crops up to demotivate me (losing my two old dogs, husband’s illness, daughter’s med condition, etc) and then I question why I’m spending so much time working on myself when I should be sleeping/cleaning/cooking/reading doing anything else. But then I wake up and realize that if I don’t work on myself I’m going to fall apart and get all mopey and ache-y and end up with an awful health condition that requires medication.

  6. Ah… fitness… I hear you! Weight is not my problem and my diet is ok, but I really, seriously, need to do exercise for strength and flexibility. Like those Yoga DVDs I have and don’t use often enough. Now that gardening season is over I need to get motivated to work out. I shall stop by Team Kickin It for some encouragement. 🙂

  7. Good luck, Sheila! My daughter just started using these shakes. I look forward to your Kickin’ It posts 🙂

  8. You go Girl!!! I know that you can achieve your goals!

  9. Enjoy the shakes! And let us know if it works. Meanwhile have fun too.

  10. I look forward to hearing what you think about the shake diet. I’ve never done a diet like that. Good luck with everything!

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