The Raven Movie Review (See This Movie!)

Fact:  Edgar Allen Poe was found walking the streets on October 3, 1849 in clothes not of his own, delirious and calling out the name “Reynolds”.  He never became coherent enough after being found for anyone to know the cause of his distress or to even know what had made him this way and he died on October 7th – one of the sad and unsolved mysteries of our time…

The Raven:

Edgar Allen Poe.  The poet.  The writer of Gothic Fiction, deep and dark and appealing to the public masses.  A man tortured by his own soul and the hot pursuit of the love of his life, Emily. 

Meanwhile, gruesome, unthinkable murders are taking place in the town and Police Detective Fields is finding a familiar ring to the way the murders are taking place, the way the crimes are being set up… they are as Poe has written them in his fictional stories, down to the last detail.  Edgar of course is shocked and mortified that someone has taken his dark writings and created true crimes out of them, he agrees to help the Detective try to solve the crimes and capture the killer by deciphering clues that are left either with victims or delivered mysteriously into the hands of the detective or Poe.

As each clue is unraveled Poe’s inside track on the stories help the police move into the next spot quickly but only to find yet another clue.  The murdered is quick and knows Poe’s work well creating a fast paced and heart pumping mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.

John Cuzak Then and now.
L: Better Off Dead 1985
R: The Raven 2012

John Cusak has come a long way since the first movie I remember him in, Better Off Dead.  He has really grown into his characters and his role as Edgar Allen Poe is brilliant in The Raven. 

I have to say going into this movie I did not know a lot about Poe’s life or death for that matter, never a big fan of poetry although familiar with his work of course, I admit to never having read it.  I do love it though when fact meets fiction and when I discovered the opening lines of the movie are actually factual regarding how Poe had died in such a mysterious way, I had a good (and turns out accurate) feeling that this movie was going to be a good one.

Fast paced, I love how the move took pieces of Edgar’s work and wove them into the crimes.  It reminded me a bit of Copycat, another amazing movie of crimes being copied, in that case it was a serial killer copycat. 

I really was impressed how this all came together, I did not have a clue who did it although now after having read a bit today about Poe’s real life and death I think I may have been able to have made an educated guess. 

HIGHLY recommended to those who love a good mystery to solve.  I was very impressed with the entire movie. 

18 thoughts on “The Raven Movie Review (See This Movie!)

  1. Sounds like my kind of movie. I like both John and Joan Cusack.

    Copycat is one of my all-time favorite thrillers! I will never forget that bathroom scene and Harry Connick Jr was awesome.

  2. I saw this opening night after months and months of waiting. I’m a HUGE Poe fan – my career has been heavily influenced by him! – and couldn’t wait to see it.

    Unfortunately, that’s where my enthusiasm stopped. In April I posted a review of the movie and I wasn’t very kind. I didn’t get the awful goatee (& I normally love me some facial hair!) or the heart-eating raccoon.

    What really did it for me was John Cusack. I’m usually a fan, but I couldn’t picture him as Poe. It felt more to me that he was simply playing dress-up. I think if a different actor had played the role or if The Raven had been just a regular period piece (without having Poe as a character) it would have been good.

    😦 I had high hopes and was so let down. That said, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!

  3. I like the look of the more mature John Cusack. Guess I’ll have to see this one.

    I enjoyed Poe’s work many years ago; and I’m also a fan of the movie Copycat, as well as the Erica Spindler book upon which it was based.

  4. When this first came out I was all excited to see it. I rarely make it to the theater though, boo. I’m glad you brought it up because I’d all but forgotten about it! I’ll be renting this for sure 🙂

    1. Thats a great question! I would not have thought it was R…. no vulgar language that I recall, no sex… a little scary (some throat slashing but not overly gory) but nothing over the top. Hmmmm…. I may have to look that one up. Ok on line it says there are some language and alcohol abuse but I have seen a lot of that in a PG13.

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