Sunday Check List… Heading Into CRAZY Week Head First!


Good morning and happy Sunday wherever you may be!  😀  Today is another stick close to home day for me.  After church I plan to be here the rest of the day doing a little cleaning out of the storage area, reading the book club book, and hopefully catching up on the challenges I set for 2012 as that was the plan this weekend and I have yet to get started.

Starting tomorrow life gets a bit…


Monday – work during the day, evening small group study


Tuesday – work during the day, book club at my house at 6:30 potluck


Wednesday – work during the day, work with the students in the evening


Thursday – work during the day, Pampered Chef party at my house at 6 pm, possibly going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2


Friday – leave at 8 am for the Cities for the next part of our Bremer Literacy Institute stay overnight in the cities


Saturday – Bremer Literacy Institute until 3 pm and then drive the 3 hours home.



Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.  A little busier then I like life. 


Today I am reading The Language Of Flowers.

I am listening to Steve Jobs on my IPOD, Abraham o my kitchen CD player and The Quilters Homecoming in my car

I am planning a healthier life style… food wise, work out wise

I am hoping today I will complete cleaning out the storage area and be able to start moving things from the spare bedroom that I am storing into the right area.  😀

I am working on my blog updates

I am looking forward to Tuesdays book club AND the new chairs arriving for the book room on Tuesday.  SSSQQQQQUUUEEE!!!!!

Don’t freak out on the prices on them – I paid no where near that, they were on clearance. 🙂

I need to get the books I owe people out of my house and to the post office.

I want to relax tonight with hubby after a busy and hopefully productive day while watching Amazing Race and eating the new steak recipe I got from my friend.

I am watching the dogs play.

The books that entered my house this week are:


13 thoughts on “Sunday Check List… Heading Into CRAZY Week Head First!

  1. Holy cow, I got tired just reading about your upcoming week! You’ll need those chairs to relax in. I bet they’ll be fabulously comfortable.

  2. I don’t think you have enough to. 🙂 If you have a moment, stop by Magers. I’ll be there on Friday until 5!!!

    And I listening to Language of Flowers on audio. It wasn’t too bad! Also, I LOVED Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

    1. OOH – right! We are pretty full at the Institution and I wont be driving (I dont think) otherwise I totally would! 😀 I am actually enjoying Language o Flowers on audio today – maybe it was my car…. first time I tried my IPOD though the radio…. it sounds much better in the house. This has been a great help while I cleaned today… .multi tasking 😀

  3. It looks like you work full time. Is that correct? How do you do that and everything else you do plus keep your house neat and clean?

    That’s my problem and the reason it takes a long time for me to finish reading a book. I work full time and put off housework until the weekend, my days off. I am tired and the evening isn’t long enough for book club or even much reading. I spend my days off doing housework and then don’t feel like doing more in the evening but reading.

    I think it’s my age that makes me too sleepy to do much after working or cleaning the house. You must be younger.

    1. My shifts are short – I work 25 hours a week, only 3 hours on Mondays and 7 each on Tues, Wed, Thurs…. 😀 I run a busy schedule and then force me to have activities in my home to take my cleaning to the next level – like today 😀

  4. Do you remember me? 🙂 With all my plans cancelled due to the hurricane… I have found time to sit with a cup of tea, write post for my blog (two this weekend!).

    The chairs look comfy and will look so nice in your home.

    I have been reading cookbooks, memoirs and travel books lately. They take time to read (vs plowing through chick lit).

    I hope you enjoy the Language of Flowers. I liked it, didn’t love it, but would recommend it (it would be great for book club).

    Have a wonderful week Sheila!

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