Movie Review: Rock Of Ages (80’s Fans! Listen Up!)


Sherrie Christian was just a small town girl… living in a lonely world.  Then she took a midnight train, going anywhere….


(lol… ok 80’s peeps… I had to use that because well…. that pretty much is the story..)


But oh yes, there is more.

Sherrie is hoping to make it big with her voice in LA but her start turns out to be a little more rocky than rock and roll.  When she meets Drew, he invites her to apply for a job where he works at the once famous Bourbon Bar where at one time they raked in the big names – including giving Arsenal(Ton Cruise, errr…. Stacy Jaxx’s band) their big start  *insert swoon here* …

Payin’ anything to roll the dice… just one more time…
Meanwhile, the mayor and his wife, are all about shutting out the awful rock and roll music down as part of their “cleaning up the city” program and Patty (Catherine Zeta Jones), the Mayors wife has an odd obsessive desire to start with The Bourbon and Stacy Jaxx.


Some will win…. some will lose… some were born to sing the blues….


what happens next… is pure… rock and roll.



I am die-hard loves of all things 80’s (leg warmers, aerobics, Music, big hair, and yes, Bubble Yum) and I… didn’t think I wanted to see this movie.  😯  I thought the preview was a big cheesy, a bit musical….

but then a friend of mine said “Best movie I have seen in a long time”, and I was sold on giving it a try.  Then I watched it a second time with my husband.  Then a third time with College Son…. then probably watching it again tonight with both sons. 


Rock Of Ages is not only song upon song on awesome 80-ness (my word), it is also many great stars…. Alex Baldwin’s role will shock you and make you laugh, fans of Russell Brand will not be disappointing in his brilliant portrayal of Bourbon Manager Lonny, and love him or hate him – you are bound to be impressed with Tom Cruise who – (I looked it up) sings all the songs himself and had written into his contract that he would not allow any voice improvements… just pure Cruise…. and I was impressed. 

Rock Of Ages is a funny look at the 80’s, a semi cheesy love story in the mix but that is sooooooo 80’s and some quick wit mixed in (watch the dance moves closely when the ladies are dancing in the church) and I do love me some quick wit! 

My hubby who usually falls asleep half way through movies actually likes this one which is a testimony in itself! 

Over all rating… a big visually risky in points but no foul language, and no sex (implied but not seen)


80’s fans… you are going to LOVE it.


16 thoughts on “Movie Review: Rock Of Ages (80’s Fans! Listen Up!)

  1. burgandyice

    Lol – I had no idea Cruise sang himself!! Lol. He is very memorable in that movie, I tell ya. I agree… it keeps you awake. It kept me laughing and singing. They threw in all the 80’s stuff that had to be there, for sure and sooooo many songs. Lol. I don’t think I’ll see Cruise in any other way for awhile. He really tackled that role!

  2. Ok fine! You’ve now made me want to see this movie that I thought looked pretty dumb! I love all things 80s, so sounds like we better be for renting it!

  3. I am on the wait list for this one! I freely admit I love all things 80’s. Instead of the big hair I had the short hair Pat Benatar look. Well, I still kinda do! lol

  4. I really liked it. Loved the music, although I wasn’t a fan of Julianne’s voice for rock songs. I think Tom Cruise made the movie. I’m not a fan of Tom outside of his movies, but I do think he’s a great actor and he has an amazing singing voice. This is definitely a feel good movie…kind of like a heavy metal Footloose. Yeah, it’s a little cheesy, but that’s what makes it fun. 🙂

  5. I really want to see this movie! It just looks so fun. And I loved your Don’t Stop Believing lyrics within your blog post too. 😉 I live about 10 miles from south Detroit , and that is a big song around here. Lol.

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