Where In The World Am I (with pictures!)

Hi everyone!  I have not fallen off the face of the earth, been abducted by aliens, or surrendered to the zombies.  Nope…. alive and well and currently in Orlando Florida with College son Justin. 😀

We landed here on Thursday morning after the worst flight of my life (do not book Spirit airlines – LONG story) and proceeded to eat at a wonderful restaurant for lunch called Dexter’s in Winter Park Florida which really thanks to great food, a wonderful waiter, and a beautiful day – really turned our poor experience earlier to the positive.

Grits, tilapia, and a fried egg sounds a bit odd but was soooooo good!
Pork tacos – also delicious – Justin and I split the two entrees

We then went and found our hotel at 5:00 pm, walked around the area we were in and watched Rock Of Ages (I had seen it, Justin had not).

On Friday – we spent the entire day at Universal Studios Orlando and WOW!!!  Harry Potter World was all I imagined it would be!

The entrance!



Hogs Head which was a real bar and next to it was The Three Broomsticks – a real restaurant!




Justin and I had Butter Beer!!!! I didnt like the overly sweet whip on top (like a cinnamon cool whip) but the drink itself wasn’t bad… mine was frozen and Justins was not.




Doing a quick search of exactly what is in Butter Beer (Justin guessed some sort of cinnamon and juice concoction) I found that Universal Studios is the only place in the world that has the JK Rowling approved Butter Beer as she taste tested the samples herself and picked the one they serve today. Well, that just makes it more exciting!



We spent most of out time in Harry Potter world and we went on all  the rides and LOVED the Forbidden Journey ride which simulates that you are riding on a broom following Harry which when I type it sounds lame to even me but is not – TRUST ME.  This ride was fantastic!!!  We went on it two times in a row and then had to take a break as it made us a bit dizzy. 😀 

We explored the rest of the two Universal Studios all day – had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and after a few purchases – I now have a super cool Harry Potter mug to go next to my books, we left the park at 7:30 pm.  Awesome day.

Today, shortly here actually, we are packing up from out hotel and driving out of Florida and into Georgia to spend the weekend with my Navy Son.  Things should slow down once we get there, I should be able to read a bit and we will fly back to Minnesota on Monday. 

So that is where I am and what I am doing.  I am linking these pics to Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot.  Hope you will stop over there and see everyone else posting what awesome pics are in their life. 🙂

57 thoughts on “Where In The World Am I (with pictures!)

  1. Ah, some flights can be so horrendous! The last flight I took to Vegas (four years ago!) was enough to put me off flying for a long while.

    What great shots, though; and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Did you like Rock of Ages? I was pondering watching it this weekend.

    I had missed your Morning Meanderings…and wondered where you were!


  2. I have heard nothing but BAD things about Spirit airlines! Sadly flying has become a necessary evil. Your trip looks fantastic though, so that makes up for the trouble getting there. Breathe in some warm air for me, we’re freezing here!

    1. Leslie I was so angry, they treated us so poorly and I was almost in tears how rude they were. My son will be calling Orbitz who we booked through and I am not looking forward to going home on a Spirit flight on Monday. HORRIBLE Experience.

    1. I hope the flight home is better too Alyce. I do not usually complain so openly about things or places but we treated so awful that I will be telling everyone to not use them…. we were not the only ones offended.

  3. I would never fly Spirit!!! Other than that horrible experience, it sounds like you’re having a terrific time and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time other than with your boys!! Loving the pictures and the big smiles on your face!

  4. I am so jealous right now!!! I have been really wanting to go to the world of Harry Potter! Some day! In the meantime, I will live vicariously through your pictures!!

    Enjoy the rest of your tip and safe travels on your way home!

  5. We would love to take the boys to Orlando beofre they get too old for it. We thought we had to do it soon! But seeing how much fun your college-aged son is having, makes me realise we still have a few more years up our sleeve!!

  6. A good lunch can overcome a lot of ills. That grits dish looks intriguing, I had to google tilapia as I’d never heard of that. Harry Potter world looks fun, I haven’t read the books, so hadn’t heard of butter beer, but would give it a go if I ever found myself there.

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