Morning Meanderings….

Good morning!  First off Banned Book Winners – I will post tomorrow morning.  I am sorry about this delay – if you read my post yesterday I had pulled winners yesterday morning and was typing them in and linking them as I wrote my morning post.  When I hit publish there was an error and wordpress logged me out.  I logged back in and most of my post was not saved and none of the winner info or links.


My plan was to post then this morning but I am finally sitting down with coffee to type and see that I have 40 minutes to write the post shower, get ready, and get to work.  Tomorrow then.  Truly.

This week has been a BUSY one.  Monday I came home from Mankato and worked at the Library on the window.  Tuesday was book club, last night was my serving night with the teens and tonight – tonight I was supposed to leave for the cabin for a craft weekend.  I was not packed, not sure what I have for craft supplies and just overly not ready.  😀  I posted out book club review on The Wizard Of Oz (and food and dressed up members) last night.

Thankfully my wonderful friend Amy called last night and suggested we go Friday morning and come back on Sunday rather than go tonight and come back on Saturday evening.  That works so much better 😀

SOOOOO – that said, I will be packing tonight and probably running to a couple of stores to see what cool things I can work on.  It will be a good weekend.

Ok and just for fun… it is October and all… here is a book trailer (best book trailer of 2009 bt the way) Of Sense and Sensibility… and ummm…. Sea Monsters.  Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. Hope your craft weekend proves to be relaxing once you get there. You won some bookmarks from my giveaway, so when you get a minute, if you send me your address I can send them out. My email is on my blog, if you have trouble finding the one I sent.

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