Telestrations~ A Fun Board Game!

When I was offered to review the game Telestrations I was THRILLED…. if you don’t know this about me – you are about to, I am a HUGE GAMER!  I LOVE board games and have a whole huge closet dedicated to just board games! 

I took Telestrations with me last weekend to Mankato where I was staying with friends and I was hoping they would want to play so I could write my review of the game – and of course see if we enjoyed it. 

You can have up to eight players, we had four.  We were each given a little booklet that uses a dry erase marker, a marker, and a card.  Someone rolls the dice and you all look at that number on your card and write that word as your secret word on page one.  Lets say, as in the example I am going to show you here, your word was “Scuba Diver”.

So on page two you would draw a picture of your word:

Now you flip to the next page and pass the whole booklet to the person to your left.  They turn back one page so they can see what you drew and then on page three they write the word of what they think you drew.  Lets say in this case after looking at the above picture they wrote down:

“Deep Sea Diver”

Now that person flips to the next page and then passes it to the left.  That person turns back one page, looks at the word that was written – in this case, “Deep Sea Diver”, they flip back to the blank page and draw what they think would be a deep sea

My friend Diane

diver picture.  Flip to the next page, pass to your left again.. and so on until you get your own book back.

*Note – in our case, since there were 4 of us, we ran the books around twice through as there are enough pages to go 8 times and it was so funny to see where the word starts and ends.

When you get your own book back you share in turn what your secret word was and flip through the book to see if that word makes it to the end.  The game is like the old school telephone game with paper. 

There is a points system but we just had a good time flipping through the results and laughing at people pictures.  BELIEVE me, they were not all as easy to guess as the one I show you above, for instance – there are some words that it asks you to pick.  I drew one that said your favorite author.  Like I can pick that!  But I did pick one that is near and dear to my heart, so I drew this:

Now remember, that poor unsuspecting person to the left of me doesn’t even know that the topic is an author.  So…. I don’t even remember what they wrote on the next page but it was nowhere near the true answer which was J K Rowling.  See it? 

My friend Sheila

Thats Harry and Ron and Hermoine standing in front of Hogwarts….  see it?  No?  LOL

Anyhoo – the game rated high for all of us – we had a lot of fun and a couple of times the word that was started was the word that ended as well.  In case I didn’t explain the game well, here is a video to help out with that:


This is a great get together game.  I would recommend it for your next gathering or I think it would make a great gift for that gamer in your life. 

13 Comments on “Telestrations~ A Fun Board Game!

  1. Sadly we don’t play boardgames at my house since none of the 3 teenagers hardly even want to be within 5 miles of us during this phase of their lives. 🙂 And my husband wouldn’t play a boardgame if I stuck a gun to his head. Not that I would ever do that. Teehee. But it does sound fun! The game is what I’m talking about!


    • LOL – I get that phase Shannon! We are a gamer family so every holiday now when the boys are at home – especially my youngest who is 22 and I love to play Scene It and other board games. 😀

  2. This sounds like an awesome game. I may have to pick one up. We love to play games too and it’s getting a lot easier now that the boys are older. Thanks for sharing! And I totally knew that was Hogwarts before you said anything. 😉

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