BBAW: Pimp That Book

Good morning.  Yesterday totally got away from me… I started writing a poem for yesterdays BBAW post and then I had to go to work… it was a big day – annual meeting day and I am in charge of special events so between working, texting my son in Florida who has gull bladder surgery yesterday, and then finally coming home last night at 9 pm from work… I was exhausted and was hardly on-line at all.. let alone write a post.

However – here we are on Thursday the sun is shining and due to my busy work hours this past week, I have a bonus day off – today!  SO… you are getting me chatting for BBAW and let me warn you… I know how to pimp a book.  😛

I have two books that came to mind right away… both are YA, and there was a time (and there still might be) where I was going to write a post called “I am Patrick Ness’ Baby Mama.”  Ok, ok… totally not true and probably border line inappropriate, but you have to admit… that post title would catch your attention.  😛  My point is – have you read his Chaos Walking Series?  If not… you must!  They are The Knife Of Never Letting Go, The Ask and The Answer, and Monsters Of Men and yes all three are available and yes, you do want them all at once because when one ends you will be all like “HOLY COW!!!!!  WHA???????” and you will want to jump into the next book right away. 😀

(Oh and look how nice of me to link those titles to my reviews….. ahhhh. Sheila.  So thoughtful.  LOL 😆 )

When I first was drawn to the books Monsters Of Men had just hit the shelves.  People told me I needed to have all three at once so I ordered all three at once. 

Then… I worried about that.

I thought that was a bit extreme, what if I am into book one and I am thinking “ugh” and not I have a beautiful “ugh” set?  Well, no worries there, awesome awesome awesome series that I have pimped out to all my friends – told them not to get scared about the talking dog in the early pages…. its different, but you will find out it works. 😀

Ok…I, am not finished.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green led to perhaps my only 2012 (so far) book melt down where I loved that book so much I have been pushing John Green like crack – and I guess, devouring his books in much the same manner.  (No, no-no, I am not a crack user, I just play one on this blog.  :razz:)

So there is my input on today’s topic. 



In other news, I wrote a post on Community on the BBAW site.  It sums up my past three years on book blogging and how it is the community of awesome book bloggers that keeps me going. 😀

Be sure to check out my BBAW giveaways if you have not already.  I have this one going, and a giveaway for Gods Of Gotham as well as another one coming up in my review later today. 😀

I have a nice fairly lazy day planned of reading blogs, writing a review and reading. I have a birthday dinner tonight and will be making cupcakes later but for the next few hours… I think I will be right here in this chair. 😀

24 thoughts on “BBAW: Pimp That Book

  1. Hope you have a good, quiet day today, Sheila. I liked both books you mention here, but I didn’t love them. But hey, we’re all different. You’d hate the book I highlight, I’m pretty sure. 🙂

  2. I do plan to read these….and I just checked out your post on community….I left a comment, but it hasn’t appeared. I encounter this a lot on WP….I picture the comment disappearing into the spam folder….lol. I have found many comments on my blogs in the spam folder.

    1. My spam is really full right now, I usually go through it as once in a while legit comments get sucked in… I am so behind on it that last time I checked it was a couple thousand which scared me from digging through it 😀

      1. Sheila, I’m on wordpress too and for a few months I had about 50-70 spam comments a day. Luckily now it’s about 5 or so. So, hopefully, when your spam folder is empty, you’ll also find that not so many come in now.

  3. I haven’t yet read John Green’s latest, but I am sure I will. After I get to some of his others I still have yet to read.

    I am so behind you when it comes to the Chaos Walking Trilogy. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I read it but it is awesome and amazing. I really wish my husband would read it.

  4. You do know how to push a book — and any mention of baby mamas would certainly have gotten my attention! 🙂 I’ve heard lots about the Patrick Ness books, but I could never tell if they would really be for me . . . sounds like I need to give them a shot. And I love John Green, though I haven’t read his latest yet — must!

  5. I love the repartee in The Fault in Our Stars. It was my first John Green but it was a winner for me too! Sorry to hear about your son….and being so far away when he needs a “nurse”! That’s always the hardest part of being a mom. Hang in there – both of you!

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