BBAW: Introducing Benji The Non Reluctant Reader

Today I am thrilled to participate once again in the BBAW Interview Swap.  Amy from My Friend Amy has put my name in with a bunch of other book bloggers mixed us all up and drew out someone for me to interview.

Meet Benji!

Now to start out let me confess that I did not know Benji or his blog until this swap and isn’t that just the beauty of this?  I truly was missing out because if you go over and look at this beautiful blog you would never guess that Benji is twelve years old AND has been quoted in several books (see his about me page).  Shoot, at twelve, I was still watching MTV and trying to learn the dance moves to Thriller by Michael Jackson.  😯
So with no further jibber jabber….  welcome Benji!!!!

1.  When did you start book blogging and how did it all begin?

Benji:  I started book blogging back in January of 2011, though it took me a couple months to get into it. The reason I started book blogging? In a nutshell: my friends were bored of me rambling about books to them. 

Benji’s hamster Tris, and a few of those amazing books!


2.  What do you enjoy most about Book Blogging?

Benji:  Definitely all the awesome people. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a lot of them in person, and those times are the best.

Benji with authors Lish McBride, Marissa Meyer, Jennifer Bosworth, Leigh Bardugo, Anna Banks, and Emmy Laybourne at The Fierce Reads tour stop in Seattle


3.  Where do you enjoy reading?  

Benji: My favorite reading spot is this one chair that is super comfy and within a 10 second walk of the kitchen (for reading food).



4.  If you were to make a guess, how many books are in your home right now?

Benji:  I live in a family of readers, so all together I’d say at least 3,000.



5.  Whoa.  Pause for a moment of awe after that last question!   Where do you keep your books (or most of them)?  

Benji:  They’re all so cluttered! We’re remodeling where I keep the bulk of them, so they’re all in boxes right now.




6.  If I had a magic wand (and who’s to say I dont?) and you could be any fictional character for a week – who would you be, what would you do, and why?

Benji:  That’s a toughie. Maybe Simon from The Mortal Instruments… he’s a pretty cool dude.

7.  What one book that you have read in the past 12 months would you recommend for me to read and why?

Benji:  I’m going to go with a book that isn’t so well know: Envy by Gregg Olsen is a fantastic read. One of the best mysteries out there.



8.  What do you enjoy doing with your time when you are not reading?

Benji:  I live in a seaport town, so I love to sail. I also am a huge soccer fan, so every game day I’ll be cheering loud and proud for my boys, Seattle Sounders FC.

Benji with authors Kendare Blake, Amanda Hocking, Marta Acosta, and Lisa Desrochers!



9.  What advice would you give to a new book blogger?

Benji:  Just be unique and don’t get involved in the drama. It’s pathetic and stupid. When the drama queens come out to play stay away!



Thank you Benji for hanging out with me today and sharing your blog story!  😀

20 thoughts on “BBAW: Introducing Benji The Non Reluctant Reader

  1. Awesome interview! I feel so humbled as I wasn’t nearly that cool when I was 12! Then again, I didn’t grow up with so much cool technology…I’d like to think I would have had a book blog! haha Definitely checking out Benji’s blog now though! 🙂

  2. I don’t think Benji needed a magic wand (although I know yours is pretty cool). He sounds like a pretty cool dude himself. As for blogs when I was a kid, I think they were called “book reports”. Blogs are so much more interesting, right ?

  3. Okay, Benji is going to be a very well-known blogger. Love his advice. I sympathize with his reasons for turning to the blog world, I’d have done the same thing if blogging existed when I was 12, too. It’s hard even today among writers to get them to stick to a book topic without it morphing into the latest movie news. Great interview.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Sheila. This young boy is amazing!! I just went to visit his blog and was blown away – how could a 12-year old be so accomplished? Amazing.

    Thanks for introducing me to such a unique voice in the book blogging world!

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