Drama by Raina Telgemeier

Callie just adores the theater and jumps at the chance when the school production is announced as Moon Over Mississippi.  Callie knows the story well but signs up to be the set designer due to her terrible singing voice.  While Callie’s dreams for the set are BIG, the budget is small and Callie thinks of ways to do things the way she has hoped but at a lesser cost.

If the play’s trials and errors was not enough on Callie’s agenda, twin boys start at her school… and errr…. did I mention they were CUTE???  Callie balances her onstage and off stage life cautiously but the drama becomes DRAMA as the cast is selected, emotions and jealousies flare up,  props fail, and no matter what…. the play must go on!


Why did I want to read this book?  I was honored to have been at Scholastic this past June when Raina Telgemeier read a part of Drama to us.  I loved that this was written as a graphic novel and wanted to know the rest of the story. 

DRAMA is such a fun read.  I really enjoyed the story line and the tiles double meaning.  Raina’s graphics add so much as well!  It was cool to not only read but see what was happening.  The characters acted just as kids their age would… their emotions are a bit over the top as they should be at that age and I just kept turning the pages.

The book touches on real life situations that are not always what you see in a middle grade read.  I was impressed to see Raina go there, and go there well.  While the subject line may not be for everyone, it is true to school life today and I say kudos for authors who take the road less traveled and at the same time do it age appropriate.

I have only one small peeve about the book and the more I think about it I can’t make up my mind if it annoys me or if it is brilliant on the authors part.  It is enough to cause me to create a spoiler page so I can discuss it with others who have read this book.  If you have – feel free to follow the spoiler link below and let me know your thoughts as well. 😀

Final thoughts:  DRAMA is a really good middle grade read.  I think it is a good discussion book for parents and their kids to discuss together.  The book handles situations well and respectfully but definitely brings up some great discussion questions I think, for kids to talk about with their parents.  I was impressed with Raina’s story and the characters.  I am definitely going to read more from this author, and already have my eye on her book, SMILE.

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Goodreads review

Thank you to Scholastic for allowing me the opportunity to experience this book.

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