Morning Menaderings…If You Are Looking For Ways to connect – the book bloggin world is BUZZING!


You know I hate to admit it… but September is clearly here.  I have been fighting the rumors that summer is over even through the signs are here – my lawn has turned a little darker in color and no longer seems to be growing, the leaves are changing colors… and now – I see activities are multiplying across the blogosphere.

If you just want to chill into your fall with a good read and a cozy blanket, I recommend you join my Bel Canto read-a-long.  I am reading it now and really enjoying it. 


Next week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week (that snuck up on me!) Sept 10 -14 and that is so much fun – check it out here.


Is it time for that fall blog tune up?  Side bars neglected, links no longer working – or maybe you just do not have a clue how to do something?  Bloggiesta is for you – Sept. 28-30th


And I posted yesterday about Banned Book Week coming Sept 30 – Oct 6 and this will be my third year hosting a banned book week party here with daily book reviews and giveaways as well as inviting other blogs to participate and also have a chance to win! 

Judith over at Leeswammes blog has even more events posted so be sure to stop and see what she has to offer as well.


So now I am off to the YMCA.  I am already late but was so tired last night that I could not prep this post.  After work today I hope to come home and catch up on some bloggy stuff and some prep work I am doing for our librarys display for Banned Book Week. 

Have a super day! 😀

14 thoughts on “Morning Menaderings…If You Are Looking For Ways to connect – the book bloggin world is BUZZING!

  1. Hey girl! We need to set a time to chat soon! I miss you and can’t wait to see how your summer turned out!

  2. I almost missed BBAW. Thank you for posting. I hope I can get my posts ready. This weekend is packed full of family stuff with hubby’s grandma passing away at the young age of 104. I am taking the weekend off from blogging to enjoy getting together with family we see way to frequently. Blogiesta is still ahead, seems like it just happened. Oh well time flies!!

  3. I’m a summer baby as well. I would love fall if it didn’t mean that winter was right behind…

    Thanks for all the dates! I’ve been so out of touch that I didn’t know about any of it except Banned Books Week, and I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do for that. 😦 I wish I could do Book Blogger Appreciation Week, but I just don’t see it happening. Maybe Bloggiesta instead!

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