The Infinity Ring by James Dashner (with giveaway!!!)

Dak Smyth leads a pretty boring, he actually prefers to spend most of his time in the past, digging through history books and spouting out facts much to his parents embarrassment and his classmates delight to ridicule him.  His best friend Sera Frosts however gets him… in fact, if someone to ask Dak, he would tell you that she is an even bigger nerd than he is.

When Sera finds the final piece to Dak’s parents secret attempt at creating a time machine called the Infinity Ring, Daks life gets a whole lot more interesting.  After all, how much cooler is it to go back and experience history first hand then read about it hundreds of years later?  When Dak and Sera go back in time with Dak’s parents things go terribly wrong… for one thing, when they return Dak and Sera are alone, somehow Dak’s parents are lost in time.  And when Dak and Sera are taken away by people who want and need what the Infinity Ring can do… things go from bad to worse.

Now Dak and Sera, and a Historian named Riq are on a mission to go back in time and not only fix what is called a “break” in time, but hopefully find Dak’s parents along the way.  First stop… Spain, 1492…. and a meeting with Christopher Columbus!

Why did I want to read this book?  I met James Dashner in New York this past June and thought he was hilarious.  I enjoyed his quick whit and while I have two of his books on my shelves, I have yet to read them.  When he showed us a sample of what was coming up with Infinity Ring and the on line game that goes with it.. I ( a recovering gamer myself…) was sold. 

Read at the cabin!

Infinity Ring is a middle grade style read.  In the beginning it gave me memories of Narnia, kids traveling to another world, in this case, another time.  Yet Infinity Ring is going to speak to todays young teens.  The book is fun and moves quickly and holds your attention.  Within the book the main characters (all in their teens) solve word and picture puzzles to know what they are supposed to do.  I found this highly engaging as I love puzzles and wanted to figure out the clues right along with them! 

While the 8-14 year old will enjoy this book, parents can be thrilled that they are getting in a little history as well.  Dashner as sprinkled this story with historical facts about the places they visit.  When the book is done, the front flap of the book has a secret panel that the reader is to open only after they have finished the book.  I can not tell you what is behind the flap… I can tell you that it is super cool.  😀

And finally, I think what is also going to excite the readers is the online game that goes with the book(s) where you can go and work the puzzles out yourself and solve the breaks, just like the characters do in the book!

Not only did I really enjoy the multi dimensions of the book, I love the fact that this will be a series of books that will be written by different authors and continue the story.  The book was fairly short but I think that is a good length for the age of the reader and it will leave them wanting more.

Recommended!  Can’t wait to read more of Dashner!

**Note I received an ARC of this book while in New York and I am offering that book up for giveaway at this time.  Leave a comment here letting me know if you were to go back in time, where would you like to go and why?  What historical event would you like to witness?  I will choose a winner on Tuesday, Sept. 4

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I received my ARC of this book from Scholastic and I

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18 thoughts on “The Infinity Ring by James Dashner (with giveaway!!!)

  1. I would go back to the time of Jesus…Would I take notice of him and his
    preachings? Maybe, I would be a follower of his or maybe not!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. I would like to revisit places I once spend much time at 35-40 years ago, with the old shops intact. The Chicago Loop had so many unique stores that are long gone, replaced by chain stores,, etc. I would like to see the first mayor Dakey at one of his six inaugurals.

  3. If you’ve ever seen the movies Memoirs of a Geisha or The Last Samurai, I would love to go back to that time. I’m not sure what era it is, but I would give anything to be in Japan pre American influence coming around. I love everything about Japanese culture and I think it was at its best around that time. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Wow, I am having a hard time thinking of one…I had always wanted to be an archaeologist so I am so into history! But to pick a historic event to witness!?! Let’s see…Maybe Egypt in the time of Cleopatra and the pyramids!

  5. I am not very keen to go back in time mainly due to the tough time women had – the work, the inequality seems horrendous. I like reading about it though. Of course the very rich had it easy so if I did have to choose I would say Elizabethan England preferably as a rich Duchesss!

  6. My answer wouldn’t be a common answer. I’d probably go back to the WWII to maybe help a few people that I could, to lessen the blow of it on the world in general. Or I’d go to the Renaissance era for the art.

  7. I would also love to go back to the time when Jesus Christ walked the earth and witness his spectacular miracles and teachings first-hand. Thanks for this giveaway!
    laurafabiani at videotron dot ca

  8. I’d love to go back to the early 1900’s when women were fighting for their rights. I’d be happy to chain myself to a fence or two.

  9. I am definitely going to track this one down for my middle-school age son! If I were to go back in time I think I’d want to visit something really ancient, like the dinosaurs (big ones – preferably plant eaters so I don’t have to worry so much about dying during the visit).

  10. This is the kind of book I would go crazy for when I was that age. After I read A Wrinkle in Time I was hooked! I loved the time-travel adventures and there weren’t that many of them years ago. I would go back to the time of the Roman Empire. Just for a visit though, I don’t have to stay, right? It was a little too barbaric for me back then.

  11. As long as I’m imagining an alternate existence, I’ll go all the way, changing my gender to male, becoming a knight in the late Middle Ages.

  12. I would want to see Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount. I’d want to ask the people how they understood what Jesus was teaching. I’d love to see the resurrection of Jesus, Paul speaking to the king while on trial, Mother Teresa, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin Luther during the reformation, St. Francis of Assissi, etc. Thanks for the give away.

  13. I love the settings from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I’m not sure I would want to stay there, but to visit for a time has always fascinated me. Imagine how much more we would appreciate all of our comforts if we lost them in such a big way!

  14. Sounds fascinating! I’ve almost finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner, his writing is fantastic so I’d love to read this one. I’d go back to Ancient Egypt I think, be a witness to some of the medical discoveries. Women had a relatively ‘modern’ status in comparison to other civilisations.

  15. I just requested this from the publisher for review. I love time travel stories! And I just got The Maze Runner by Dashner for my son – none of us has read it yet, but I’ve heard good things about it.


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