Morning Meanderings… A Camping I Will Go!

Good morning!  Anyone else have or having a whirlwind summer?  I think this is the busiest summer I have had…. maybe ever!  😀  I have been bike riding for miles and miles and running and mud ruckusing (my word), I have been hanging our with friends, at the cabin, in New York, I have been to a week long camp, the state fair… and now this weekend back to our cabin up North with friends. 

I am so looking forward to this.

I am actually leaving this afternoon, two days before anyone else.  Mater is going to a kennel, the other two small dogs are going with me.  I am almost packed, have a meeting at work this morning and then I am off…. 3+ hours to the cabin means audio all the way 😀  I am going to read, write, and watch movies.

When our friends and Al trickle in we will enjoy board games, camp fires, exploring the north shore, biking and probably more reading.  I really am excited as most of my activities throughout the summer have been highly active in the DOING mode.  This week I get to just BE.  😀  I will be on line off and on throughout the weekend.  I have to drive to internet service but I have reviews lined up and will pop in with the meandering when I can. 😀

September doesn’t really slow down much… the first weekend I am in charge of a tailgate party for about 250-300 people, 2nd weeekend is Al’s birthday and I am meeting author Sandra Brannan for dinner in the cities on the 15th (SSQQQUUUEEE), 3rd weekend I am doing a scavenger hunt in the cities with my friend Amy, and the 4th weekend I am having a family reunion here at our house.

Hmmmmm…. I should enjoy this quiet weeekend…LOL

Have a super rest of your week!


12 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… A Camping I Will Go!

  1. Have a grand time this weekend, I hope you do get to enjoy some peace and quiet!! You deserve it 🙂 Where is up north for you? Is that a stalkerish question? LOL

  2. Peace and quiet—and just being—seems to happen best in the mountains or at the ocean. I envy you the retreat! Enjoy….

  3. Wow! You are going to be busy! September is never a slow month for me either. It always feels like everyone plans something for either May or September, so I always expect a busy month! 😀 Have fun!

  4. That sounds just lovely! My summer has worn me out even though it hasn’t been as busy as other summers. 🙂 Something about kids being home pretty much 24/7 for 12 weeks.

    I hope you get lots of reading and relaxing at the cabin!

    • My summer has been probably the busiest on my life record…LOL 😀 It has been fun though although I wonder if I am spoiled now and do not know how to relax 😀

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