Morning Meanderings… Please Tell Me This Happens To You Too


Good Morning.  Wow, it feels nice just to sit at my own kitchen table and type this.  It has been a while since I wrote a morning post from this spot. 😀


So on Sunday evening when I posted the It’s Monday What Are You Reading post, I posted that I was going to listen to Dean Koontz’ What The Night Knows.  I was in the mood for a little mystery and as I looked at my audio books yet to listen to that one called to me.   Yesterday afternoon while digging through my book piles for a book (yes digging because I emptied the room that holds my books for the new shelves and the shelves are not here yet *sigh*)  I started listening to it and the creep factor was just right….

and then…

it wasn’t.

While listening they got to a part where the detective keeps turning his ring on his finger.  How odd, I thought… I have read that before where someone is turning their ring on their finger.  Then I went to my laptop… to this site and types in the title.  Sure enough… I had listened to this in April of this year.

W O W.  😯

I used to do that all the time many years ago, start reading something and discovering I had already read it.  It is exactly what lead me to start journals of what I read which eventually lead to online journaling which was… the creation of Book Journey. 

So tell me, have you done that?  Started reading something only to discover you already had?


Now I have switched it up to There And Back Again by Sean Astin.  Sean is the actor who played Samwise (Frodo’s very good friend) in The Lord Of The Rings.  I am enjoying it. 😀


Today I work and then have some errands to run.  I am heading up to the cabin in the morning.  I am going a couple days earlier than the rest of the group going for a little down time and to prepare the groceries, etc.  More on that… tomorrow morning. 


35 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Please Tell Me This Happens To You Too

  1. I know I’ve bought books and realized when I got them home that I already had the book! I hate when that happens…

    I like how blogging now helps me track my reads, and a couple of years ago, I even started linking the titles to my reviews.

    Enjoy your weekend at the cabin! I would so love to do that right now….

  2. Is it worse when it happens with one of your favorite authors? I have an author I ADORE, yet for some reason, there’s one book of his that I have bought multiple copies of because I cannot remember I’ve already read it. His other books I have no problem with, but this one particular book… lol it’s ridiculous.

  3. Oh yes … far too often I’ll buy a book only to realize I’d read it years ago. Have a terrific time at the cabin!

  4. Yes! I bought the same mystery THREE times! I won’t even read that author anymore because I’m afraid I’ll do the same thing! LOL

    • Carrie that just shows how much we love books! Today in the mail came a book I preordered months ago… The Infinity Ring. The same Infinity Ring that I am reading (ARC copy) right now. Oh well… support the authors and I will do a give away of my ARC… as long as it is not signed… I had better check 😀

  5. Yes, it has. Often it is when the cover is changed!!! That’s why I love having a list of books that I have read on my computer. That helps when I order on-line only.

  6. I’ve bought another copy of a book I already owned but I don’t recall reading the same one a second time. That’s not to say it won’t eventually happen. However, I’ve watched many a TV episode only to remember half way through that I saw it already!

  7. Heh! Not going to lie, it has happened once or twice. Less since I’ve started this site though. I usually buy multiple copies forgetting I already own it rather than try to read it again I think.

    • Amy this is the first time in a long time that I have attempted to listen to some thing I thought was new… and wasnt…. 😛 I know it will happen again.

  8. yeap, I did that too a couple of times, for instance reading a book, and then realizing I had already LISTENED to it, or vice versa!! the last example was A Spot of Bother, by Haddon

  9. Yes, even if it’s usually after a period of a few years. I often think that the author must’ve copied the work of another author, until I realise what I’ve done.

  10. Please tell us you didn’t review it 🙂 lol The fact that it was this year was funny and you didn’t read it but actually listened to it. I know many have brought the same book due to the covers changing but it hasn’t happened to me yet 🙂

    • It is funny you mention that Tea… I did not review it because unfortunately it was too gory and ucky for me to finish the first time…. 😀

  11. It happened to me yesterday! but it is a book that I am enjoying very much so I am doing a re-read.

  12. A friend just gave me a book to read and when I logged it into goodreads, it shows that I already read it. But I don’t remember it at all! The synopsis doesn’t sound familiar, I flipped through it and … nothing. But my rating shows 2 stars so I’m not going to take the chance. I’m going to give it back to her.

    And, almost similar to this is that feeling you’ve already read a book but not quite sure. Like Jane Eyre. Did I read it in high school? Should I just read it again? sigh…

  13. Yes, you are not alone!! I once got halfway through a book and kept thinking I’ve been here before…that’s why I love Goodreads!

  14. I have started a book and couldn’t figure out why it felt so familiar – only to figure out I had read it before. That is when I started Goodreads. I really enjoy keeping track of everything on their website. Blogging helps too.

  15. I’m late to this party, but just had to say I definitely do this–mostly kids books I read years ago and don’t recognize at all except for some random detail.

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