Morning Meanderings… A Little Diddy about the absent blogger

Good morning!  😀

I would normally sip coffee here but I am currently 16 days without it.  What a rock star am I!

Lately it seems I have hardly been on-line…. and if I do try to spend a little time writing reviews my mind wanders and I wind up checking Facebook, or seeing what is up on twitter.

It is suddenly like I have the attention span of a two-year old.  😛

I keep reminding myself that I used to be so good at this!  I would write reviews as soon as I finished the book!  I commented on every comment to me and on all the blogs as well.  Now I look back and think “How did I ever do that?”

So for the record I wanted to let you all know I blame summer…. which is my FAVORITE time of year.  And because I love her so, she is also the biggest time suck because honestly when not working, I want to ride bike, I want to sit on my deck and read, I want to mow my lawn and listen to audio, play in my flower beds, invite people over and grill, go to the cabin as frequently as possible….

because my friends, Winter in Minnesota is waaaaaay tooo long.

Starting today my near future looks like this:

Tonight leave for Cabin until Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon – but all the items for out homeless serving week which starts Sunday and prep space

Sunday – drive to cities and meet College son to do the color run which raises money for homeless

Sunday late afternoon, Navy son’s last dinner with us before he returns to Florida

Monday – work and then stay over night for my serving time with homeless

Tuesday – an all day meeting.  Seriously 9 am – 9 pm

Wed – Thurs – work

Friday – garage sale and redo my flower beds with help from friends

Saturday – help clean where we are working with homeless and buy all items for Church Picnic (I am in charge of)

Sunday – continue cleaning in morning of homeless rooms and then prep church picnic by 10 am

Monday – Tuesday – off to recoup

Wed – Thurs – work

Fri – leave for cabin with friends for weekend

Aug 4 and 5 – 150 mile bike ride, two days gone

Aug 10-11 Wisconsin Mud Run

Aug 16 – Brd Library sale!

Aug 18 – Tour De Pines bike ride

Aug 29 – Sept 2 Cabin with friends

Today I just wanted to let you know that I miss you all and I do miss visiting blogs as much as I did through May and please know this season will pass and I will have more time eventually.

Later today will be the pics of our recent book club Queen Event.  I hope you can pop back in for that one 😀

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Little Diddy about the absent blogger

  1. Gollee Bookjourney, you’re all mapped out. Makes me feel like a sluggard. I’m looking at my little, cute coffee cup business card you sent me about two years ago. I’m so glad to have it. Should I try and put it on my blog??? I guess it should be scanned???? I lost my blog or blogs on blogspot. Too painful to talk about, so I had to come to WordPress. So far it’s working out. I’m not going to have much on my blog because I don’t know how to do much.
    I read Rebeeca some time ago. Can’t remember it now. Wanted more of Dumaurier’s Manderley. Hope your enjoying it.

  2. I would love for summer days to be 40 hours long. I definitely understand your need to be outdoors and active. And because now I’m dealing with awful heat (I guess be careful what we wish for!) I have to go walking, gardening and birding early.

  3. To me that is what summer is all about!! Enjoy it, savor it, delight in the free time, sun, and activities. Because Winter is around the corner!!!

  4. Your summer sounds so busy, but that’s great! It’s nice that you have so many fun things to do while the weather is good. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of the real life activity around here, but thankful that I get a breather next week.

  5. I think you must have Spring/Summer fever like I do! I bet the lack of caffeine doesn’t help either! 🙂

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