Bookies Annual Queen Event – 2012

Tuesday was our 6th annual Queen Event for our book club.  In July, we usually have a free read month – not making any book mandatory reading because honestly, July is a super busy month for people in Minnesota.  As it was, 6 of our members were unable to attend due to commitments with work, and kids sports, and one was even out sick with pink eye. 

This year we did things a little differently, at our June meeting we each wrapped up a beloved book and then took turns choosing a book that another Bookie had loved.  The results were amazing, almost everyone loved the book they picked that was another bookies favorite.  It was a lot of fun as we went around the room and discussed from out first reaction about the book we chose, to how we felt after reading the book.

The food as always was fantastic – lots of good fruits salads and vegies, and Sharon’s hubby grilled burgers and hotdogs for us. 

Chef Jeff
Chef Jeff

Of course, the best part of the Queen Event is the speeches, we each get up and sing, or show a talent, or read a poem.. or really whatever…

But the best pic of the evening was…

And I will possibly post a few more speeches but here is the end of Kaydi’s (our new Queen) and then Amy’s which cracked me up…

I am out most of this weekend, be back Saturday afternoon!  😀

11 thoughts on “Bookies Annual Queen Event – 2012

  1. Sheila,

    Loved your pictures of your special night with your friends. Everyone looked beautiful, dressed in their evening wear, and the food looked sooooo good! You are blessed to have so many good friends that share the same love of books and reading. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Wow, you guys do a lot of unique things with your book group – very creative! It all looks like a lot of fun!

    I like the book exchange idea – maybe we’ll try that.


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