The Prophecy Sisters by Michelle Zinks

In 1890, sixteen year old twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe’s mom died when they were very young, and now with their father’s recent passing, Lia notices a strange mark show up her wrist – one much like her sister Alice has had since she was born…

When a mysterious book shows up in their father’s library, Lia learns that she and Alice are part of an ancient prophesy that involves one being a gate-keeper and one being a guardian… the power of one sister being able to return satan to earth, and the other sister to try to put an end to the prophesy..

but which sister is the good one, and which is evil?  Lia does not even know for sure herself….

As the prophesy unfolds Lia discovers the secrets behind her parents deaths, the meaning of the mark on her wrist, and the length Alice will go to put a stop to Lia’s prying.

Why did I choose this audio book?  Honestly?  Cover pic and title.  The cover is phenomenal… it makes me want to know more, and the title speaks of a spooky mystery….

The Prophesy On The Sisters was what I hoped it would be, a mysterious YA book that made me want to know what the prophesy was…. and it was also what I hoped it wouldn’t be, at times pieced together, making me wonder how two twin sisters could be so far apart, a couple of friends of Lia’s tossed in the mix that I either missed how they connected to everything and their role in the prophesy (keys, I believe) or they just sort of dropped into the book…

I think narrator Eliza Dushku saved this 8 hour audio for me, with her mysterious voice which was perfect for a book on prophesy, she connected me to the story wanting to know more.  I think if I would have read this one I probably would have given up on it.

In the end, while interesting, you will not find the answers they seek in this book, this is the beginning of a trilogy…. however, before you groan and tell me how much you hate waiting for the next book – know that you do not have to.  Guardian Of The Gate (book 2) and Circle of Fire (book 3) are available!  I didn’t love love this story, but it was an interesting listen non the less.  


16 thoughts on “The Prophecy Sisters by Michelle Zinks

  1. I read this last summer and even picked up the second book (which is still sitting on my shelves). Like you, I enjoyed the story but am not salivating to finish the trilogy. I wonder if I can find the second on audio. It seems to be a perfect audio book.

  2. Woh woh woh, hold the phone! ELIZA DUSHKU narrates this audio?? I have always loved the cover, but hesitated in picking it up (lukewarm reviews). I might have to give it a go…or find out what other books she has narrated! (I’m a Buffy Junkie.)

  3. It sounds like an interesting trilogy but good to know that up front. I hate if a book ends and things are resolved but if I know that will be the case, it’s okay.

  4. I LOVED the first book and enjoyed the trilogy as a whole, definitely couldn’t wait to read on, I really enjoyed the style of writing and the journey of interpreting the prophecy.

  5. This series had so much potential. I have the third book sitting on my desk right now and I keep looking at it and kind of wishing that it wasn’t sitting there. I want to read it because I want to find out what happens, but at the same time I know the book will frustrate me and probably disappoint me as well. I could see how a good narrator on an audiobook could save it, but this series suffers from “save-it-all-for-the-very-end” syndrome.

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