Morning Meanderings…. July 5 and a Sugar Rush!

Happy July 5 y’all!  😀

Did everyone survive the fourth?  Our temps here reached over 100 degrees.  We went motor cycling with friends all day which was a lot of fun and stopped for a late lunch at a nice restaurant where I ate fruit and my stir fry (day 9 today of the cleanse).  It actually – was really a wonderful day. 

While on the back of the motorcycle I have discovered that audio on my IPOD is the way to go.  I finished listening to The Fault n Our Stars (If you have not listened to this on audio I INSIST you drop everything and do so…. NOW. But more on that in my review tomorrow 😀 )  And I started Will Grayson Will Grayson, also by John Green which I am enjoying…

Today I work, hopefully get my prom dress fixed… yup you read that right… next Tuesday is out book clubs annual Queen event and I have a dress I picked up at a Good Will store but it needs a new zipper, I am taking it to a friend today.

And my final through for today is I just seen the book trailer for Size 12 and Ready To Rock by Meg Cabot which is a little funny… a little cheesy, and I am not a big fan of book trailers but the 80’s vibe made me smile…. interested in reading this one soon…


Goal for the next few days?  I am 5 reviews behind on writing them up and I want tog et caught up so badly.  I hope to do that over the next few evenings. 

Have a great July 5!!!

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. July 5 and a Sugar Rush!

    1. Our fireworks were cancelled due to the storm that rolled in… they got started, but were far from where we live and I just dont get that excited about seeing the fireworks and fighting the crowds any more 🙂

  1. I was wondering….would you like a wedding dress? Daughter was divorced recently and while it is a beautiful dress, she doesn’t want it. Maybe you or one of the Bookies could use it?

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